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  • Registration Number: 3001690
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 9, 41
  • Usage Status: In Use


Goods and Services… ——————————————————-International Class 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Musical sound recordings, namely, compact discs, enhanced compact discs, CD-ROMs, digital mini discs, DVDs, laser discs, phonograph records, audio tapes, audio cassettes, DATs (digital audio tapes); computer programs containing digitized audio files featuring music, MP3 files featuring music; motion picture films featuring animation, action, adventure, music, comedy, commentary, children’s stories, documentaries, mystery, faith, war, drama, religion, romance, songs, spoken word, storytelling, sports, survival training, vocal performances; video recordings, namely, prerecorded video tapes, video recording discs, prerecorded digital mini discs, CD-roms, DVDs, laser discs, CDs, enhanced CDs, featuring animation, action, adventure, analysis, comedy, commentary, children’s stories, documentaries, drama, movies, music, musical entertainment, mystery, religion, romance, mystery, faith, spoken word, storytelling, sports, survival training, vocal performances; computer software used for database management in the field of business, communications, entertainment, education, community activities and religion; computer software used for electronic commerce transaction; computer software used for advertising via the Internet; computer operating systems; computer software used for distributing audio and video files via Internet; computer software for web-based conferencing; computer game software; educational computer software containing information about religion, history, community activities and the music industry; computer software for accessing the global computer network. FIRST USE: 19991200. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19991200 ——————————————————-
International Class 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services, namely, audio recording and production services; concert and theatrical booking services; providing live concerts and live performances; organizing community and cultural events featuring a variety of activities, namely, sporting events, art exhibitions, flea markets, ethnic dances and the like cultural activities; music publishing services; publication of books; production of videos and motion picture films, distribution and production of television and radio programs; theater productions; education services, namely, arranging and conducting educational conferences; providing of training, seminars and workshops in the field of anger management, administration, business, computers, culinary, construction, career development, communications, conflict resolution, change, crisis management, cultural diversity, community, community organization, customer service, counseling, childcare, coaching, careers, corrections, delegations, defense, diversity, development, education, entrepreneurship, ethics, environment, economics, engineering, economic analysis, electronics, family, facilitation, finance, first aid, faith, grammar, government, guidance, health, human relations, Internet, international relations, industry, interpersonal relations, investigation, jails, legal, law, linguistics, language, listening, leadership, land planning, land development, mathematics, martial arts, mechanical, management, marketing, military, mentoring, networking, organization, operations, policy, politics, problem solving, police, prisons, planning, property, retirement, real estate, rehabilitation, reading, research, sports, spirituality, survival, strategic planning, sexual relations, safety, supervision, telecommunications, technology, travel, team building, urban development, vocation, violence and non-violence, vocations, work, writing, and technological as new technology evolves; arranging and conducting athletic competitions, sporting activities, and basketball games; providing courses of instruction at the preschool, primary, secondary, college and postgraduate level. FIRST USE: 19991200. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19991200 ——————————————————-

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