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  • Registration Number: 6674030
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 3
  • Usage Status: In Use



I’m currently offering my Trademark for sale.
SNIFFIT is a descriptive Trademark (the brand name implies the product’s use), registered under Class 3, and intended to create, market, & promote Nasal Inhalers.

After living in and researching the Thai market for many years, I have found many interesting opportunities to replicate its success abroad.

Nasal Inhalers (Thai: Ya-Dom) are almost a commodity in Thailand. They are offered at every corner shop and carried by literally every Thai person I have ever met 😀

According to a recent interview with one of the leading manufacturers in Thailand on Sanook.com, the Nasal Inhaler Market was reported to be valued at around US$36M in 2022.

Nasal Inhalers are a low-cost item, filled with essential oils for aromatherapy, intended to relieve congestion, anxiety, & stress.

Many brands have tried to replicate this product and adapt its success in Europe and North America. In my Brand, Product & Go-To-Market Strategy, I explain why those foreign brands have failed, how I would approach & advertise SNIFFIT in a foreign market, and which opportunities I see to further improve the core product.

The North American Market is currently underleveraged when it comes to “Scented Products”, but companies like Pepsi are already trademarking & developing scented caps, and the market adoption for aroma products will likely arrive in the near future as more companies push for similar products.

The global aromatherapy and essential oils markets are predicted to surge. Essential oils alone will grow from USD 8.8 billion in 2022 to USD 15.3 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 11.8%.

SNIFFIT is an important trademark to easily market & explain the product application in a simple phrase, which is crucial for market adoption.

Q: “What is that?”
A: “Just SNIFFIT!”

In addition, SNIFFIT has the potential to be adopted as the standard name for this category of products. (Similar to Q-Tip for cotton swabs or Kellogs for sweat cereals)

The brand and GTM Strategy is partly modeled after Red Bulls success story of the Thai Energy Drink “Krating Daeng”.

Please note that I am only selling to serious entrepreneurs and businesses. I have a detailed strategy pitch-deck available to share for a one-time access fee of $2,000 to qualify potential buyers.

What comes with the purchase of this Trademark?

– Sniffit Trademark
– Sniffit Logo
– Strategy Deck
– Brand Assets

1) Note: I am currently not residing at the Registrant Address – you can best contact me via email.

2) Note: There is obviously more to it than the name, but as mentioned above, SNIFFIT as a descriptive Trademark in Class 3 for Nasal Inhalers is pretty much the best brand name for any company in this market that wants to make a difference.

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