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  • Registration Number: 018909134
  • Registered in: EU
  • Int. Class: 3, 5, 32, 43
  • Usage Status: Not in Use


MYCELLENCE® is a Trademarked Global Brand name, distinctive and memorable, immediately conveying the benefit associated with the brand: ‘an excellent result for me and for my cells.’ Suited for luxury sectors where hedonism and the desire for comprehensive self-care prevail. The concept exists only on paper, and the attached images are conceptual renderings.

It is a brand concept that aspires to become a successful brand in the luxury well-being market thanks to a new idea of multidimensional well-being declined in the round: from nutraceutical and cosmetic products that can be purchased online and in physical stores, even in airport galleries, to the immersive experience of “excellence” in the MYCELLENCE® spa and resort.

It is registered in the EU under classes 3, 5, 32, 43, (the registration application for the US market, has been initiated and is currently underway), covering a diversified range of products and services, offering opportunities for the development of a comprehensive project focused on the excellent provision of both products (food, food supplements, beverages and cosmetics) and services, ranging from catering to luxury hotels or resorts, to wellness centers. Highly adaptable across various sectors, it is a readily available brand with assured success.

Class 3: Perfumery • Fragrances • Perfumes • Soaps for personal use • Cosmetic hair lotions • Ethereal oils • Cosmetics • Make-up • Make-up removing preparations • Skin cream • Detergents

Class 5: Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations • Vitamin supplements • Food supplements • Nutritional supplements • Homeopathic supplements • Medicated food supplements • Plant and herb extracts for medicinal use • Plant extracts for pharmaceutical purposes

Class 32: Waters • Juices • Vegetable juices [beverages] • Smoothies • Beer • Aperitifs, non-alcoholic • Cocktails, non-alcoholic • Soft drinks • Preparations for making non-alcoholic beverages • Non-alcoholic essences for making beverages • Energy drinks • Protein drinks • Sherbets [beverages]

Class 43: Catering Services (Restaurants and Hotels)
Restaurant reservation services • Booking of restaurant seats • Takeaway services • Take-away restaurant services • Food and drink catering • Food and drink catering for cocktail parties • Food and drink catering for banquets • Serving food and drinks • Café services • Snack-bar services • Restaurant services incorporating licensed bar facilities • Hospitality services [food and drink] • Serving of alcoholic beverages • Beer bar services • Services for the preparation of food and drink • Providing drink services • Serving food and drink in restaurants and bars • Temporary accommodation reservations • Tourist inns • Arranging of accommodation for holiday makers • Holiday accommodation services • Providing temporary accommodation in holiday homes • Providing temporary accommodation • Hotel services • Hotel reservations

What comes with the purchase of this Trademark?

– Mycellence® Trademark
– Mycellence® Logo design
– Mycellence® Registered Domains

Domain name registered: / mycellence.store / mycellence.shopping / mycellence.club / mycellence.space / mycellence.world / mycellence.it / mycellence.eu

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