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$200,000 Negotiable

The Social Network Station®

  • Registration Number: 4,293,700
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 38
  • Usage Status: In Use
The Social Network Station®


This is one of 8 related Federal Trademarks for sale in this package. You can buy each for $200,000 or buy all 8 for a discounted $1,2000,000. The 8 Trademarks include: The Social Network Station, The Social Network Show, The Social Network Channel, The Social Network Association, The Social Network Magazine, The Social Network Expo, The Social Network Awards, and The Social Network Search Engine. Of course, the domain names will be included. THE PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE.

This uniquely different network has been positioned prominently and successfully in the digital marketplace for several years. This is also the perfect chance for the right social media savvy entrepreneur to bid on and own a business with proven success in the ever-growing Social Network community. And speaking of ever growing, if social networks are the trees, then this is your chance to own the entire forest.

The Social Network Station:
The Social Network Station® is featured on AppleNews. The Station functions as a hosting, promotion and distribution platform for podcasts with a social network angle.
The Station blossomed into a digital network of podcasts, on topics including female entrepreneurship, social media in large companies, business, tech trends, education and much more. These podcasts have attracted guests from Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Adobe, USA Today, Buzzfeed, Twitter just to name a few. Not too shabby!

The Social Network Show:
The Social Network Show® was originally conceived to raise awareness of cyber bullying, cyber security and cyber identity theft as well as their effects on society and humanity.
This original flagship podcast, developed in collaboration with and hosted by an experimental psychologist, has gained over two million listeners, with three years of groundbreaking content. Individual episodes have delved into both the promise and peril of the connected, networked world we live in, examining cyber safety, privacy, security, crime, and addiction in addition to online marketing, advertising, public relations, dating and relationships. For specific guests and companies interviewed please see Jim Nico’s LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimnico
In promoting The Social Network Show® the head of the company, Jim Nico, created a formula and strategy to maximize his audience numbers for each and every podcast. This ingenious technique had NEVER BEFORE been applied to the podcast industry. Jim reached out to Apple® to help him implement this new strategy. After careful consideration, the company worth several hundred billion dollars agreed. Apple® doesn’t make a habit of working with just any outside entity. The upshot: For over two years this technique developed by Jim Nico has been applied to all podcasts within the Network and the results have been amazing.
The essential elements in Jim Nico’s strategy may be included in the sale upon further negotiation.

The Social Network Magazine:
The winning bidder in this auction will get the completed business plan and prototype for this innovative, one of a kind, digital magazine. This magazine will feature both domestic and international social networks, complete with news and updates.
Owning a trademarked publication titled “Social Network” is about the biggest boost any social media concern could ever get. The immediate name recognition of the phrase Social Network is staggering.

The Social Network Association:
The Social Network Association® was conceived to be your digital watchdog in the new world of social media. Current owners and users of social networks should consider The Social Network Association® as the protection-lobbying arm of the Internet, as well as an information filled go-to site for cyber bullying, cyber cheating, and just about everything positive or negative involving the Social Network landscape.

The Social Network Channel:
This is a domain for the future, a future that is happening, NOW. Social Networks are morphing into media companies. The Social Network Channel® has immediate name recognition, and could be the premier entertainment stop for original social network television shows and movies. Move over Netflix and Amazon, The Social Network Channel® will have that same powerful name recognition built right in!

The Social Network Expo:
Imagine an expo featuring social networks from all over the world converging virtually and in person for the biggest and best social networks gathering ever organized. Participants and guests will share, sell and purchase products and ideas relevant to all inhabitants of the Social Network universe.

The Social Network Awards:
It’s the Oscars® and the Emmys® for the Internet.

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