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Goddess Brand Trademarks

  • Registration Number: 2,319,901; 4,432,828; 4,475,501; 4,623,306; 4,659,800; 4,748,544; 4,748,545; 5,330,149; 5,955,731; 6,411,599; 6,411,600; 6,420,176; 6,926,123; 6,950,405; 97/033,314; 88/817,451
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 9, 16, 21, 25, 29, 30, 32, 41
  • Usage Status: In Use
Goddess Brand Trademarks


The Goddess Family of Brands for Foods, Meals & Confections.

Offered is the unique opportunity to obtain the intellectual portfolio for the Goddess Family of Brands that include 14 registered trademarks for The Chocolate Goddess, Gourmet Goddess and Goddess on the Go, published applications for Goddess Water and Goddess the Magazine, and registered copyrights for cookbooks. Trademarks are for foods and prepared meals including chocolate, candy, fudge, confections, pastries, cakes, cookies, bread, sauces, condiments, jams, jellies, cheese spreads, prepared meals, salads, sauces, nuts, aprons, cookware, utensils, bakeware, logos, cookbooks and on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring food, cooking and lifestyle. Also included is the domain name www.thechocolategoddess.com.

The registered copyrights for cookbooks include The Chocolate Goddess – Luscious Chocolate Desserts to Arouse the Goddess in All of Us and The Chocolate Goddess – Short and Sweet. Additional published cookbooks include The Gourmet Goddess – Divinely Delicious and Heavenly Delights and Goddess on the Go – Meals on Heels and Goddess on the Go – Short and Sweet.

The Goddess Brand’s trademarks are based on an ideology that defines empowerment for those who realize they want and need sensuous, nourishing and delectable foods and confections. Included in this thinking is the belief that all people should be able to purchase nourishment geared to their needs as well as excellent in taste and quality. The Goddess Brand supplies all these needs.

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