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Specnaz ®

  • Registration Number: 3554398
  • Registered in: US,CA,EU
  • Int. Class: 05, 32, 33
  • Usage Status: Not in Use
Specnaz ®
Packaging sample 1Packaging sample 2Packaging sample 3


Specnaz stands for “special purpose” in Russian, in Russia the special forces are called “Specnaz”.

I have created this brand to market an energy drink / shot, I have created 3 distinct styles for this brand.

The domain specnaz.com and other internations domain extensions will be sold together with this brand.

If you are looking for a quick entry into the energy drinks/shots market you have the complete package here.

The only reason I never used the brand is that I focussed on my IT business and didn’t have the time to launch this product properly.

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