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Powerevolution™, Inc.

  • Registration Number: 88717897
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 9, 12, 35, 41
  • Usage Status: In Use
Powerevolution™, Inc.


The Evolution of the globally recognized and universally known power button. The power button (“on button”) is rotated 90 degrees onto its side to create the letter E for Electric, Energy, Evolution, Everyone and so much more. The edges are not circular and are imperfect with the intention to appear Electrified.
The potential marketing and possible campaigns for any EV manufacturer and/or energy company and/or battery/technology company in the Ever Evolving EV market and/or Electric/Energy industries are truly Endless with owning the universally known power button turned into the letter E.
1. The Powerevolution trademark application has an effective filing date of December 06, 2019, which is prior to the “green rush” movement where all car manufacturing companies started announcing the switch over of production and sales to Electric vehicles.
2. The Powerevolution trademark and rights will come with a sub agreement signed with Enterprise car rental company, which originally opposed to the application in the automobile/Electric cars class, but later on signed a legal settlement agreement that was accepted by both parties.
3. The Powerevolution trademark registration is currently pending, awaiting submission of proof of intent.
4. The Powerevolution trademark is available either for sale, short/long term licensing and/or exclusive licensing.

Power. Shifted.

Power. Evolved.


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