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Pirate’s Planks®

  • Registration Number: 4,149,460
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 21
  • Usage Status: In Use
Pirate’s Planks®


With 9 out of 10 American households owning a BBQ grill, 99% of all grill owners have used their grill this year. Wood plank grilling has been around for hundreds of years and is still preferred by a large number of grill enthusiasts today. For companies that specialize in grills and grilling accessories in the retail market, Pirate’s Planks Branded products would be another way to expand their potential market revenue.
Pirate’s Planks Grilling Planks sets itself apart from other wood plank manufactures by offering six different wood species: Alder, Cedar, Cherry, Hickory, Maple and Oak. Pirate’s Planks grilling planks come in three different sizes 6”x12”, 7”x 13” and the 20 pack of 4”x5 1/2” single serve size for restaurant use. Pirate’s Planks also offers the reusable 8”x17” baking planks in all six wood species as well as wood smoking chips which are known as Pirate’s Chips.
With Pirate’s Planks eye catching logo and attractive appearance, customers automatically gravitate to this striking and well packaged product. Diners Drive-ins and Dives and Food Network star Guy Fieri uses Pirate’s Planks and is a big fan of our products.
Pirate’s Planks Wood Grilling Planks is currently being offered for sale as an intangible intellectual property. Pirate’s Planks branded logo and registered Trademark, website, inventory, apparel and packaging included. Pirate’s Planks, LLC is a strong foundational company. With the research and development already in place a potential buyer interested in the household entertaining and outdoor cooking could easily build Pirate’s Planks to an exponential level.
We are receiving serious offers only for Pirate’s Planks Wood Grilling Planks. Inquiries can be submitted to info@piratesplanks.com.
For more informative wood planking grilling facts and to learn more about Pirate’s Planks please visit our website at www.piratesplanks.com

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