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My Sport ®

  • Registration Number: 2,056,402
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: Int. Cl.: 25 Prior U.S. Cls.: 22 and 39
  • Usage Status: In Use
My Sport ®


My Sport® is a clothing label about you, me, and all who participates. Reality – Tell The World What You Do!™ It all starts with a designer label. My Sport® is set up to be a brand of its own (logo, slogans, trademarks of My Sport® used, marketing, sales within USPTO). Registered Apr. 22, 1997

My Sport® – sports are cool to be an athlete is cooler!™
You don’t need to like any other brand, leagues, team, or another – just sports. You just need to believe in yourself. Pride, Confidence, and Self Esteem. Set up to be a money train of endless products. 1.) It can give the right company a foot hold in to any sport in the world. 2.) New athletes born every minute. 3.) New sports always being made. 4.) My Sport® has only growth. 5.) Sports are largest product in the world. 6.) More athletes in the world than anything else. 7.) Athletes are loyal and believe in themselves – it’s Human Nature. 8.) Athletes want to shine, to be seen for who they are at any age, any level. 9.) No licensing fee to another ever! Tell The World What You Do!™
My Sport® – Signature of An Athlete™

Section 8 – filed 2003, 2007, next filing 2017

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