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$125,000 or Best Offer


  • Registration Number: 3,670,797
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 35 (Prior U.S. Cls: 100, 101 and 102)
  • Usage Status: In Use


***Power is everything and awaits your decision. Whether your organization is in one of the following stages: startup, expansion or transition, my Service mark is an absolute for your business. Thus, don’t hesitate, make an offer and move forward.

Hello and thank you for your interest in my registered Service mark (“SM” or “Servicemark”), “Let Us Bring The World of Business To You”.

My Company, D Gordon Development (“DGD”) currently and actively uses this SM. DGD is a boutique global business consulting and research firm that finds innovative solutions for our clients’ most pressing challenges.

I am selling my SM that I created for DGD as I would like to create and implement another SM for DGD’s use and would be very interested in seeing my existing SM provide an opportunity for another entity. Also, all material transactions pertaining to the sale and transfer of this SM to a new owner will be handled by a qualified licensed attorney.

My registered SM listed for sale, “Let Us Bring The World Of Business To You” is a wide-ranging mark applicable to numerous International Class 35 categories including, but not limited to business strategies, branding and marketing (read below for a comprehensive list of all of the approved service categories for this mark). This SM conveys a simple, yet effective message that will serve to strengthen your organization’s image and position in the marketplace as well as help solidify the lasting identification of your organization’s quality of service(s) as well as inspire trust, admiration and loyalty.

A successful business consulting and/or marketing service firm that has (or wants to have) a strong global presence absolutely needs a powerful Service mark (The terms “Trademark” and “Service mark” are often used interchangeably). Additionally, owning a registered Service mark helps to legally protect your organization against infringement from competitors using the mark.

Even if you are in the early development stages of starting this type of business, having a Service mark as a component of your business plan is (will be) critical to your success.

Imagine what “Let Us Bring The World of Business To You” could do for your company’ s reputation and strength? Listed below is the comprehensive list of all the categories of service(s) that this SM was approved (and can be used) for. The scope of this “comprehensive list” includes one or more services that may already be an appropriate match for your current business needs as well as allows for future business growth/objectives:

1.) New business venture development and formation consulting services;

2.) Business management consulting with relation to strategy, marketing, sales, operation, and product design for the understanding and predicting of consumers, businesses and market trends and actions;

3.) Business consulting services, namely, providing assistance in development of business strategies and creative ideas;

4.) Advertising and promotion services and related consulting; Brand imagery and development consulting services;

5.) International Business consulting services, namely, providing assistance with new business operations setup, product placement, product import/export and client growth;

6.) Business marketing consulting services;

7.) Corporate image consulting services;

8.) Direct marketing consulting services;

9.) Professional business consulting;

10.) Providing business management information in connection with consulting and advisory services in the field of strategic planning;

11.) Providing organizational development consulting services;

12.) Providing consulting services in the field of planning, buying, and selling of media;

13.) Providing information about commercial business and commercial information via global computer network.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email: david@dgordondevelopment.com and/or by telephone: (US & Canada: 1 (866) 794-1851/International: (424) 270-0444) to discuss the sale of my SM. I look forward to seeing what my SM could do for your organization. Remember, power is everything and awaits your decision. Thus, what are you waiting for (especially since the asking price is well below the cost of a Porsche 911 Turbo or similar vehicle)? Make an offer and start moving forward.


David A. Gordon

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