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$75,000 + percentage of gross sales

King Midget®

  • Registration Number: 5019249
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 12
  • Usage Status: In Use
King Midget®


Here’s a chance to own a noted U.S. car manufacturer, once #6 in production ! The King Midget was produced in Athens Ohio from 1947 – 1970. Advertised in Popular Science, the small ads produced sales of nearly 18,000 cars through the years.
I have been producing most of the car, as well as a couple of whole cars since 1991. This is a special opportunity to take advantage of new Federal law, which allows small companies to sell up to 325 cars a year as exact replicas, with no crash tests or other Federal requirements, and as many kits as you can sell. I make or have sourced most of two models for production. I have patterns and vendors. Very little R&D would be needed to start production. I can assist with start up. Reproduce or put the name on a new product – your choice.
Rare chance to buy a trademark with a history AND easily reproduced product for easy market reentry.

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