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  • Registration Number: 3970774
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 35
  • Usage Status: In Use


ITK® (In The Know) is a Registered Trademark for a mobile customer loyalty program through which customers can sign-up to receive promotions and offers for products or services they can use today.

The consumer is also able to connect with others who are ITK®, to share news, ideas and chat with others with similar interests. Enables the viral marketing of products through the social connectivity provided by ITK®.

ITK® Loyalty Program Features
To build and promote customer loyalty, creating and maintaining a rewards program for customers is a key element and differentiator for a company to implement. If done correctly, loyalty programs can help companies retain customers as well as attract new ones. The data collected from the ITK® program also provides valuable information about customer profiles, which is particularly important for marketing and statistical purposes.

Companies will be able to design and deploy a customer loyalty program which will include services that bring real value to their customers. Customers who sign up for and take part in interactive offers accumulate loyalty points based on the activities they select. For example, reward ‘points’ could be different for accepting the delivery of a mobile coupon as compared with rewards given for redeeming the coupon.

Using the data provided by ITK®, marketing teams will immediately be able to use intuitive tools to create and run mobile marketing campaigns and other interactive processes.

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