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  • Registration Number: 4,531,376
  • Registered in: US,EU,CA,UK
  • Int. Class: 35,36,43
  • Usage Status: In Use
USA registrationEurope registration


HousingAgent.com + HousingAgency.com +270 domains worldwide

HousingAgent.com combined with HousingAgency.com 270+ domains to start business in 90 countries. Registered TM in USA, Canada, Europe, BeNeLux and Australia.

This portfolio can be useful in real estate mediation, relocation and rebranding your current company name for global (online) expansion with very low chances to be copied by competators.
Potential buyers will get an insight of the business model created. NDA is mandatory.

Definition: housing agent(n.)and housing agency
broker’s office, housing agency, real estate office, estate agency (British), real-estate agency (American).

HOUSINGAGENT.com LLC is owner of a set of 270+ domain names that will enable the buyer to establish an off the shelf (global) property/relocation business brand when the domains and brand are combined with an established office network from the potential buyer.

The uniqueness of the domain names is rare and not available elsewhere. We believe that the buyer will have an extensive advantage to any other players in the property / relocation market by unlocking the value of this purchase. All domains are clean and have not been used for any business purposes previously. Except for housingagent.com.

-The Company is registered and founded in The Netherlands. All assets can be transferred to any country. Optional is to buy the Dutch LLC with all assets in it.
-The Company owns a set of 270+ clean domain names of which 90 are country-code Top Level Domain names (ccTLDs), all closely related to HOUSING AGENT.
-145 domains are strictly related to HOUSING AGENT, and also include new geoTLD’s such as .melbourne, .paris, .tokyo, .services, .careers, etc.
-The rest of domain names are closely related, e.g. HOUSING AGENCY, HOUSING AGENTS, HOUSING AGENCIES, and have been purchased solely to protect the business model from name damage or potential copying.
-All domains have been offline for years (in Passive Holding) to keep a clean history (except for .com and .nl), therefore no traffic results.
-Registered trademarked logo in the USA, Canada, Europe, BeNeLux and Australia
-Free global marketing tool included, 151 twitter user names. Free of charge
-More information at www.housingagent.com

The benefits:
-Unique set of domains that is not available elsewhere
-Easy-to-remember and easy-to-recognize brand that has the great advantage to be rolled out worldwide. Marketing costs with making a ‘brandable’ name recognized worldwide can be significantly reduced.
-Opportunity to tap into the non-English speaking countries that have English as a common language (E.g. The Asian relocation market). Our research has shown that the terms “housing agent” are suggestive of its core business to English speakers around the world. The Commonwealth of nation countries do use this term.
-Opportunity to tap into the relocating expatriate market and benefit of cross-country client base.
-Clean history for the list of domains (passive holding), which gives the buyer the option to create a new vision for the business. For example: “Global independent directory and review site allowing consumers to search for and write reviews about all agents in housing, real estate, relocation, and moving”.
-Turnkey solution: the buyer will save the time to build a similar brand and infrastructure of domains. It took the founder 7 years to purchase all domain names and obtain these 5 trademarks.

More information only on request, and please, use a business e-mail account for credibility. Only serious requests will be replied to.

Kind regards,

Martijn Schneider
HousingAgent.com B.V.

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