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Fashion Fingerz Glovez®

  • Registration Number: 4,531,846
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 025
  • Usage Status: In Use
Fashion Fingerz Glovez®


Fashion Fingerz Glovez are one-size-fits-most gloves with a fashionable twist. Choose between three lines: Fashion Line, Holiday Line, and FU! Line. The Fashion Line consists of white, black, medium gray, dark blue, light gray, and dark gray gloves with varying colors of “nail polish” on eight fingernails and a contrasting color on either the pointer or ring fingers. The Holiday Line boasts gloves with a theme for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. The FU! Line is for those, like myself, who tend to be a little more passive-aggressive. These special gloves are light gray with purple and pink polish. Of course, you know which finger the contrasting color is on! Every pair has a sister glove with the nail polish colors reversed so that the contrasting color is different. All designs have touch-conducive threads sewn into the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers to make texting and social media access a breeze! Check out the entire shebang on our website, www.fashionfingerzglovez.com.

Included in this package:

The Fashion Fingerz Glovez trademark on the principal register.
The logo, also registered on the principal registry.
The website located at www.fashionfingerzglovez.com.
Four (4) domain names: fashionfingerzglovez.com; fashionfingerzglovez.info; fashionfingerzglovez.net; and fashionfingerzglovez.org.
Contact information for the manufacturer.
Inventory of gloves which consist of 10,500 plus/minus pair!

All gloves are individually packaged in clear plastic bags. A convenient hang-tag with the logo on the front is also in the package. The gloves are made in China and are 71.5% acrylic, 25.0% polyester, and 3.5% cotton (conductivity material). Because the price to manufacture each pair goes down as the quantity made goes up, they make the perfect gloves to sell to Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc. Fashion Fingerz Glovez also make the perfect In-Hand/Direct Sale fundraising item, so check out the Fundraising page on the website. This is a great opportunity for someone with good selling skills!

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