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270,000.00 USD

drivometer ®

  • Registration Number: 1 286 035
  • Registered in: US,EU,IN
  • Int. Class: 9, 39, 42
  • Usage Status: Not in Use
drivometer ®


The trademark „drivometer ®“ has been registered through WIPO in the US, the European Union and in India and the registration runs until 2025. Together with the trademark we also sell 11 corresponding domain names: drivometer.com, drivometer.de, drivometer.eu, drivometer.in, drivometer.co.uk, drivometer.at, drivometer.ch, drivometer.cn, drivometer.net, drivometer.nl, drivometer.org. In addition a logo design already exists for „drivometer ®“ (which however has not been registered) which can be used by the buyer as well.

The trademark „drivometer ®“ has an interesting historic background, as already in the year 1936 there used be a drivometer (see http://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/hec.33603/ ) for which copyright-free photographs exist at the Library of Congress, Washington. Already back at the time the aim of the drivometer was to “measure how well drivers are able to manipulate the controls of a car”. Also nowadays this is a highly topical subject and refers to future trends in the automotive industry such as connected cars, automated or assisted driving etc. There are many possible fields of application for this very pertinent brand. Until now the trademark has never been used due to lack of time of the owners.

The price quote is meant as a net amount, i.e. potential transaction fees or any taxes would need to be covered by the buyer.

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