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  • Registration Number: 3807618
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 009
  • Usage Status: In Use
DaysTil® Countdown Magnet Demo UnitWedding DaysTil®Special Event DaysTil® - Election


DaysTil® is used on time keepers and applies to a broad range of activities. As a concise 7-CHARACTER trademark, it conveys urgency to BUY effectively or a sense of ANTICIPATION for upcoming events. This trademark supports a well thought-out PHYSICAL product known as the DaysTil® Countdown Magnet (automatic digital timer) which is typically used as a promotional product to effectively display YOUR LOGO in clients’ field of vision 24 HOURS-a-day / 7-DAYS-a-week / 365-DAYS-a-year. Its product quality has far exceeded other toss-away promo items that can’t deliver such long-lasting visibility & utility. Some areas in which the DaysTil® Countdown Magnet applies well are Project Due Dates, Weddings, Scheduled Maintenance Dates, Warranty Expiration, Software License Expiration Dates, Special Event Reminders, Corporate Travel Awards, Critical Tax Filing Due Dates, College & Family Reunions, Summer Camp, Graduation Dates, etc.
The DOMAIN NAME www.DaysTil.com,
a VANITY PHONE NUMBER (…)DaysTil (329-7845),
an INJECTION ENCLOSURE MOLDING TOOL are also available for bundling with the trademark as well. This product can represent a phenomenal expansion of your existing collection of promotional products and permit you to capture untapped revenue in areas to date underserved.

In addition, a QTY of aprx 500EA DaysTil® Countdown Magnets are available for bundling. Design Support for these flexible and programmable units may also be gladly provided on mutually agreed terms.
All items are NEGOTIABLE. Please note that particular item bundle options availability may be subject to prior sale, or expiration pending final time of negotiated agreement.

One VIABLE STRATEGY for increased volume sales is as an adjunct physical product to web-page based Date Calculator tools that are widely available today. With exposure on such sites, a “check-box” style sale may be offered for ease of high-volume sales. Such a product can supercharge visibility and awareness of a primary page which may actually carry the highest brand value proposition for your enterprise. Owning the DaysTil® Trademark also adds to your company’s equity value.

Trademark Claim:
Timers; day count down timer; electronic day counter in a single or multi-digit format; digital time display, namely, an electronic real-time display showing digits representing the amount of time remaining with respect to an associated timekeeping device; digital day and time counter; count down timer; event monitors in the nature of timers for tracking the number of days until an event such as taxes due, service appointment, scheduled cleaning, warranty expiration, loaned items due for return, or start of a vacation; activity start monitors in the nature of timers for monitoring a wide variety of activities including for example pet grooming, fish tank cleaning, pool maintenance, plant care, personal care, hair cut, health-club work-out schedule, personal exercise programs, and other such maintenance events ; DAYS UNTIL.

Classifications – Class 9 –

Note: To date, The DaysTil® Countdown Magnet (as in picture no. 4) has been seen to capture high bids of $40/Each at charity auctions & fund raisers.

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