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  • Registration Number: 5163724
  • Registered in: US,CA,ES
  • Int. Class: 003
  • Usage Status: In Use


DERMABEST is a US and International registered trademark that encapsulates company personality. Right from the first impression it shows brand power. It has the right balanced of a suggestive mark with an inherent element of sales appeal while not being overly descriptive. DERMABEST is a one-word, three-syllable, easily pronounced name. The first part of this invented word is distinctive. It does not lend itself to abbreviations. It is linguistically clean. It would be similarly pronounced to a Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French or German native speaker. DERMABEST is a name that will not age. It plays well across all demographics. It is a name with classical roots which can make its endurance and marketability more easily achieved. DERMABEST conveys an image of excellence.

DERMABEST is a phenomenal trademark that speaks for itself. Included with this trademark are the following premium domain names: dermabest.com, dermabest.ca, dermabest.org, dermabest.net, and dermabest.info. When you purchase DERMABEST you will also receive the Canadian trademark and the Spanish registration in Europe. In Canada DERMABEST is registered as a trademark for both goods (TMA605441) and services (TMA563584). You will also get a Canadian trademarked slogan: YOUR SKIN…YOUR LIFE! along with the DermaBest, Inc. incorporated in Canada at the Federal level.

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