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Trademark Search

These are 45 trademark classes (IC) of goods and services. Each class can cover a wide range of goods or services. Searching available trademarks (for sale or for licensing) by class you can help narrow down available prospects.

Class 1: Chemicals
Class 2: Paints
Class 3: Cosmetics and Cleaning Preparations
Class 4: Lubricants and Fuels
Class 5: Pharmaceuticals
Class 6: Metal Goods
Class 7: Machinery
Class 8: Hand Tools
Class 9: Electrical and Scientific Apparatus
Class 10: Medical Apparatus
Class 11: Environmental Control Apparatus
Class 12: Vehicles
Class 13: Firearms
Class 14: Jewelry
Class 15 : Musical Instruments
Class 16: Paper goods and Printed Matter
Class 17: Rubber Goods
Class 18: Leather Goods
Class 19: Nonmetallic Building Materials
Class 20 : Furniture and Articles not Otherwise Classified
Class 21: Housewares and Glass
Class 22: Cordage and Fibers
Class 23 : Yarns and Threads
Class 24: Fabrics
Class 25: Clothing
Class 26 : Fancy Goods
Class 27: Floor Coverings
Class 28 : Toys and Sporting Goods
Class 29 : Meats and Processed Foods
Class 30: Staple Foods
Class 31 : Natural Agricultural Products
Class 32: Light Beverages
Class 33 : Wine and Spirits
Class 34: Smokers’ Articles

Class 35: Advertising and Business
Class 36 : Insurance and Financial
Class 37: Building Construction and Repair
Class 38 : Telecommunications
Class 39: Transportation and storage)
Class 40 : Treatment of Materials
Class 41 : Education and Entertainment
Class 42 : Computer and Scientific
Class 43 : Hotels and Restaurants
Class 44 : Medical, Beauty & Agricultural
Class 45: Personal

Advanced Search Tool

Search Tips

The advanced search tool above only applies to our database of trademarks available for sale or for licensing.

KEYWORDS: Limit to just a few

CATEGORY: Trademarks for Sale, for Licensing or Both.

IC: (International Class of Goods and Services) See list to the left to get started. Try entering the exact IC number (eg. 9)

REGISTERED IN: Country/Countries where trade is registered.

PRICE: The search tool relies on user input of price. When a user specifies a price like “negotiable” it falls outside range of prices and as such the listing may not be included in the search result.