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  • Registration Number: 3123173
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 009
  • Usage Status: In Use


WOLLENSAK has been a well known and highly regarded trade mark for optical components and instruments since the late 1800′s.

Goods and services Registered trade mark description: Filters for optical devices; Optical glasses; Optical inspection apparatus for industrial use; Optical lens sights; Optical lenses; Optical or telescopic lens sights; Optical readers; Optical reflectors; Optical shutters; Scientific and technical apparatus, namely, optical mirrors; Prisms for scientific purposes; Prisms for telescopes; Reflectors for telescopes, Telescopes, Body-tubes for telescopes namely lens-barrels; Eyeglass lenses, Magnifying lenses, Ophthalmic lenses; Binoculars; Hunting binoculars; Laboratory equipment namely, spectroscopes; Adapter rings for attaching objectives on cameras; Camera cases; Camera filters; Cameras; Cameras shutters; Motion picture cameras; Photographic cameras; Range finders for cameras; Shutters for cameras; Viewfinders for cameras; Microscopes and parts thereof; Microscope condensers; Prisms for microscopes; Reflectors for microscopes; Microscopes

We will include the URL’s: Wollensak.com and WollensakOptical.com as well as a huge collection of original optical drawings and other data going back to the 1940′s

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