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The Janitor’s Closet®

  • Registration Number: 3268217
  • Registered in: US,US
  • Int. Class: 035
  • Usage Status: Not in Use
The Janitor’s Closet®


Best Buy® operates 1,910 stores worldwide in addition to a very strong online presence. Best Buy® stores offer electronics, appliances and the Geek Squad to help with the repair and installation of the electronics they sell. During the past three years Best Buy® has worked very hard to provide products at very competitive prices as well as a greatly improving customer service in their stores. Best Buy® is one of the strongest retailers in the market segment of electronics and appliances because it serves the consumers well.

Take the Jan/San (Janitorial/Sanitary) supply industry for example. It is a very lucrative field of endeavor for those who can master it. But, this segment of industry is in need of a revolution because it has devolved into a self-serving state due to a number of large regional distributors across the country who work to keep business to themselves while pushing out the small Mom and Pop distributors. The industry as a whole is very fractured and many of the larger distributors have a lock on most of the school districts, federal, state, city and county operations across the country. Many of the current Jan/San distributors are providing inferior products at astronomical prices in addition to very poor customer service. This is where The Janitor’s Closet® comes on the scene as a distributor and starts a long overdue disruption of the Jan/San industry and an enterprising mind coupled with a solid business plan and exceptional financial backing will make it happen.

When it comes to distributors in the Jan/San industry in the U.S., The Janitor’s Closet® is poised to become a worldwide distributor of the best in janitorial and sanitary supplies, equipment, repair services and customer service over and above any of the current distributors languishing in the Jan/San industry today. Within the Jan/San industry are some of the most profitable distributors including sole proprietors and corporations alike. It is hard to find an owner in this industry segment that would be willing to sell his or her business before hitting retirement age. Why? Simply because they run a very profitable distributorship that has a low overhead, product margins are very good and they boast a broad customer base consisting of individual households, small businesses, large businesses, schools, churches and government facilities. Also, contrary to popular belief, location is not necessarily something that a Jan/San distributorship needs because when end-users need a specific product for a specific task, they will find The Janitor’s Closet® distributor nearest them. There are outlets such as Lowes and Home Depot which carry a variety of common cleaning supplies and little to no cleaning equipment, but customers in the cleaning and maintenance profession will always choose The Janitor’s Closet® because it will always be stocked with a complete line of quality cleaning and sanitary supplies as well as cleaning equipment. The Janitor’s Closet® will work with chemical manufacturers to provide the most effective and safe cleaning products at every level at very competitive prices. Chemicals provide The Janitor’s Closet® distributor with moderately high margins and are worth the expense for private labeling, especially since The Janitor’s Closet® will be able to negotiate lower paper and chemical prices better than any other major distributor in the industry because of its sheer size!. The Janitor’s Closet® will also employ manufactured trained employees to help customers choose the right chemicals and equipment for the right applications and tasks at hand. Equipment repair services will be available in every one of The Janitor’s Closet® distributorships. For the business customer The Janitor’s Closet® will provide same day delivery service for orders placed before 10 A.M. at no extra charge and no other Jan/San distributor will provide same day delivery without charging extra. Otherwise it will be delivered the next day. The Janitor’s Closet customer in this market will always get the three Cs;

 Convenience / They can either come into a store and get what they need quickly, order online and pick up at the store or they can have delivery on a same day basis. Both can easily be done within a serviceable market place meaning at the local/neighborhood level.

 Competitive Pricing / What does it really mean to have competitive pricing in this industry? It means providing service, cleaning products and equipment that actually work. A customer will gladly pay for a product or service that works well. .

 Customer Service / In order for Convenience and Competitive Pricing to be worth anything at all, customers MUST be shown and educated on how to properly use what The Janitor’s Closet® is selling them for maximum effectiveness and safety. For example, Lowes and Home Depot offer do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines. The Janitors Closet® can clean the cust

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