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Programmable Polymer®

  • Registration Number: 5163115
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 042
  • Usage Status: In Use


This Programmable Polymer® identifier is being made available primarily to pharmaceutical companies exploring chiral specific programmable polymers used to isolate the desired enantiomer of a desired drug. Use of this technology should greatly simplify both the synthesis and the separations for sale of that drug.

Additionally, new product lines of programmable molecularly imprinted polymers will potentially obsolete thousands of numerous popular products. Imprinted polymers can be pre-set to accelerate or time-stagger the simultaneous binding and release of targeted entities. An example is … anti-restenosis coronary stents.

Programmable Polymer® (Trademark Registration No. 5163115) is a trademarked identifier that can provide an established or emerging pharmaceutical company with a “Unique and Descriptive” product line name for hosting a plethora of groundbreaking products.

It was trademarked March 14, 2017, by a company pioneering intelligent polymers that hold micro cavities with three-dimensional structures that can bind targeted metals, pathogens, virus, bacteria, toxins, poisons, and pollutants from gases, liquids, and fluid media.

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