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  • Registration Number: 1662027, 1723213, 303365875, W01269196, 1269196, 1029813, 40201518064V, 4966946, UK00801269196, 2015055612, 2015055614, 2015055616
  • Registered in: US,AU,CA,EU,IN,NZ,UK
  • Int. Class: 9,35, 36
  • Usage Status: In Use


Details of Sale – including additional related sale items

The purchaser of the above trademark LifeBankTM (registered as it is effectively worldwide) will also receive

a) the trademark LifeBankTM registered in Australia (Reg. No 1620524) in Int Class 35, and
b) the trademark LifeBank for HealthTM (Reg. No. UK00003253087) registered in the UK (Int. Class 42)

The Seller also offers for sale:

(i) the intellectual property relating to LifeBankTM. LifeBankTM is listed at lifebanksystems.com. LifeBank is globally unique in its scope in providing the most simple and secure way for the user to store personal information and Records now and into the future. The Records enable the management of personal information such as passwords and pins, emergency contacts, government registrations and documents, legal appointments, family and heritage details, health records and information, travel plans and documents, finance and property details and reminders and more. US$100,000

(ii) related domain names – lifebanksystems.com (US$5,000),

(iii) lifebanksystemscanada.com (US$1,500), lifebanksystems.ca (US$1,000),

(iv) lifebanksystems.uk (US2,000), healthlifebank.com (US$3,000),

(v) lifebankbusiness.com (US$2,000) lifebankhealth.com (US$2,000) and

the following – lifebanksystems.co.au, lifebanktravel.com (US$1,000), lifebankconcierge.com, healthbanksystems.net each at US$1,000 lifebanksystems.net (US$500) and lifedatakey.com (US$500).

Additional domain names are also available for purchase.

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