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  • Int. Class: 90279343
  • Registration Number: 90279343
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Usage Status: Not in Use
  • Territories: US
  • Exclusive: possible


Jesus said, “You can do it too.” TM.

He was a holy man. He was the 1st psychologist. And he was one of the baddest people to ever walk the planet.
One day I was thinking about a very good day I’d had. The mental reference of ‘walking on water’ danced jokingly through my mind. Followed immediately by ‘Jesus said, “You can do it too.” ‘(John 14:12). It came to me as a joke! Ha!
This idea/TM is more like ‘Jesus the psychologist’ than it is about religion. You can say that I’m using his personal reputation independent of what men made of His story after He died. And the updated familiar dialect makes Him easier to embrace. Jesus was a bad-ass (Matthew 21:12).
Customers?! So many t-shirts, jerseys, hats and blankets are being bought yearly in lg. quantities by schools, children’s hospitals and a thousand various rehabs and women’s crisis centers etc. Add thousands of ministries across the country. And it’s cute enough for the boardwalk/tourist destinations.
My inexperienced notion is NOT to sell clothing. Instead simply charge per print. (Freeing you from dealing with potential quality complaints.) Sell them the right to add the phrase to items they’re already buying in bulk from their own local source. Making this an inexpensive investment for them. High school jerseys, for example, have no player names across the shoulders. Making this a perfect place to add such an inspiring phrase. -> Now all of the players see it, subliminally and consciously, 1000’s of times per season × 4. Even if the opposing teams are using the same strategy all teams win. Because they have a better day today. And because all of these groups of young growing minds will subconsciously take this powerful practical conditioning with them into their individual lives, studies, careers and parenthood. Making this purchase an investment with long-term benefits for the investing institution as well as for the generations they prepare.
And viola’!! You’ve just sped up the evolution of lots of future leaders. It’s a win/win/win situation for the investing institution, the students and for you.
What’s a niche’? Imagine making $ changing the world! You should invest in this. Please contact me at: johnstg57@gmail.com
Thank you.

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