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  • Registration Number: 4287558
  • Registered in: ZA,UK,TU,IN,EU,ES,CA,BR,US
  • Int. Class: 09 38 42
  • Usage Status: In Use


The iBoard trademark is registered in the following countries:

European Union (28 countries in Europe) Cert# 625912, expiry: 9/5/2022
USA Cert#4287558, exp: 12/02/2028
Canada Cert#TMA755605, Exp: 17/12/2024
Ecuador Cert#625912, exp:9/5/2022
Honduras Cert#119056, exp 12/3/2022
Nicaragua Cert#11994, exp 17/5/2022
Venezuela Cert#P323987, exp 16/11/2027
Peru Cert#183892, exp 11/1/2022
Turkey Cert#201210551, exp 02/02/2027
Brasil Crt-Publish Sept 4, 2012, exp 09/04/2022
South Africa 2014/12961 eso 13/May/2024

We have proof of use for all the countries as late as 2016, so the buyer will not have any problem to prove use for the next couple of years.

The main use for the brand is “computer whiteboards for use in classrooms and meeting rooms” including tablets, interactive boards, digital signage, software and advertisement.

Due diligence should be done by a patent or TM lawyer in North America

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