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FREEDOM:(noun)the responsible exercise of individual authority. theBushwhacker.com tm

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FREEDOM:(noun)the responsible exercise of individual authority. theBushwhacker.com tm


We believe we live in a free democratic Republic. Yet in the 237 year history of the Nation, no one has actually defined freedom as it describes a free individual functioning in a “free” society, until now. This definition is drawn from the works of the Founding Father, particularly Thomas Jefferson. In his Declaration of Independence he stated that governments derive their just powers from the “consent” of the people. In order for the people to give their consent they must have the natural authority as individuals to do so. Inherent in all authority is the responsibility for the consequences of the exercise of that authority. Thus the definition.

This is not only the definition of freedom, but also the requirement of everyone who would be “free”.

In later days he commented that “All authority lies with the people.” Indeed, individual authority is the birthright of every person in existence. It is the essence of freedom. Without personal, individual authority the people have nothing. For example, whenever the State usurps responsibility for the individual it must also usurp the authority necessary to discharge that responsibility and with that authority goes freedom. It is therefore impossible to be a socialist or a subject thereof and remain free. It cannot be done. The slide into slavery becomes inevitable. “Slavery is socialism, indeed the very best form of socialism.” Fitzhugh,1850’s.

The duty of the state of a free people is not to usurp, but to enhance and facilitate the ability of the individual to exercise responsible authority over him or herself. This particularly includes economic responsibility. All other attempts to define freedom are nothing more than a mish-mash of adjectives attempting to describe freedom, not define it. This definition can and must be used to better define and limit the power and duties of the state vs. the authorities and responsibilities of the people. About time, don’t you think?? Dr. James K. Hahn, author and owner.

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