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  • Registration Number: EU012329025, UK00912329025, UK00003008992, UK 00001196388
  • Registered in: EU,UK
  • Int. Class: 25
  • Usage Status: In Use


First registered in 1989.
Nice Class 25
Clothing; footwear; headgear; jackets; waistcoats, trousers; leather jackets; leather trousers; suede jackets, suede coats, suede trousers; suede waistcoats; blouson jackets; denim waistcoats; jeans, denim jackets, denim trousers outer clothing; under clothing; woven clothing; knitwear being clothing; clothing of cotton, silk, linen, wool; clothing made from man made-fibres; clothing made from a combination of cotton, silk, linen, wool and man-made fibres; shirts; shirts with wing collar; shirts and blouses with Eton collars; evening wear, namely shirts and dinner jackets; shirts with double cuffs; shirts with French cuffs; shirts with detachable collars; shirts without collars; long sleeve shirts; short sleeved shirts; shirts with graphics printed on them; men’s shirts; boy’s shirts; bow ties, ties, lounge suits; sports clothing; t-shirts, tee-shirts; long sleeved t-shirts, short sleeved t-shirts, t-shirts with graphics printed on them, men’s t-shirts, boy’s t-shirts; socks, hosiery; mittens; pullovers; scarves; ski hats; sports jerseys; swimwear; gilets, overcoats, coats, jerseys, pea coats; leather coats; leather waist coats; anoraks; down jackets and coats; fleece jackets; waxed jackets and coats; mackintoshes; jumpers, tops, sweaters, cardigans, pullovers, ponchos, corsetry, scarves, shawls, mufflers, pashminas, wraparounds, wraps, gloves, swimming costumes, beachwear, leisure wear, shorts; neckties, articles of underwear, pyjamas, night wear, dressing gowns, bath robes; beach robes, articles of beachwear, beach clothing, beach shorts; rain coats; sou’westers; cagoules; sportswear, boxer’s shorts and vests, sports briefs, and jockstraps, sports pants; sports shorts, sports t-shirts, sports vests; trackpants, track suits, jogging suits, warm-up suits, running shorts, running vests, running tops, running pants; bicycling shorts; sweatshirts, hooded tops; swimming suits being wetsuits, wet suits for surface water-sports, wetsuits for surfing; wet suits for water-skiing; wet suits for windsurfing; dry suits; headgear, hats, woolly hats, caps, bobble hats, baseball caps, cricket hats, sunhats, sun-visors, swimming caps; aprons being clothing; boxer shorts; caps being headwear; headgear for wear; waterproof and water resistant outer garments; outer garments being both breathable and waterproof; outer garments with wicking qualities; windproof garments; waterproof outer garments; waterproof and water resistant outer clothes; footwear uppers, heel pieces and tips for footwear; studs, spikes and metal fittings for footwear; welts for boots and shoes; heels for boots and shoes; tips for foot-wear; soles, inner soles, non-slipping devices for footwear; articles of industrial and work footwear, headgear and clothing; protective and safety footwear other than for protection against injury or accident; waterproof and water resistant clothing, headwear, footwear; slippers; bath sandals and bath slippers; dance shoes; leather shoes; dancewear including footwear; beachwear including footwear; shoes, boots, trainers, flip-flops, sandals, slip on shoes; slip on boots; moccasin; loafers; deck shoes; plimsolls; Wellington boots, beach shoes, shoes for windsurfing and water sports; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; all of the aforesaid goods being for men or boys; none of the aforesaid goods being football jerseys, football strips, football shorts, football sock, football training kits (consisting of football shorts, football socks, football tracksuits, football rain jackets, football track pants and football training shirts, football gloves for wear by players), football training bibs, football boots and studs for football boots, football shirts, football kits consisting of football shorts, football socks and football shirts in class 25.
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