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10,000 obo

Booty Pak®

  • Registration Number: 6,078,027
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 18
  • Usage Status: In Use
Booty Pak®


It’s time to pop them booty bells! Introducing…..the Booty Pak purse!

The words “Booty Pak™” might have grabbed your attention and now you want to know more about it. So, a Booty Pak™ purse is a small fabric pouch worn by a strap around your hips and is fastened with a buckle. As a result of Dr. Gaines’s creativity, this purse has small bells on it. There are also other versions of the Booty Pak including backpacks, bucket purses, and small handbags to enjoy. So, what are the bells, often called “booty bells”, used for? Well…..dancing, having fun, and popping your booty of course!

Join the fun! Booty Pak purses are great for spring break parties and booty shaking contests!!!

Dr. Keshia Gaines, an education advocate, magazine director, and Booty Pak™ purse inventor, has designed the best features of the traditional waist purse and reworked it as a Booty Pak™, a bold fashion statement. Amazingly enough, the purse is uniquely shaped like a buttocks and is trademarked by Dr. Gaines’s company. To know more about the Booty Pak™ purse, you can either visit www.bootypak.com, her Facebook™ page https://www.facebook.com/drgainesmagazine, or follow her Twitter™ page https://twitter.com/Dr_KGaines.

What can you carry in a Booty Pak™?

Here’s a list of individual items that can fit into your Booty Pak™ purse:

Credit cards
…and cash!

Why do fans love the Booty Pak™?

You may be thinking “Why should I buy a Booty Pak™ purse and not a boring grandma handbag instead?” Well, there are several reasons why customers enjoy this purse:

1. You can use it when you are just taking a stroll around the beach, touring, or attending an event.
2. These are inexpensive in comparison to other designer purses and back packs.
3. The bag is trendy because it’s not as big as a backpack.
4. It is stylish and fun to wear.
5. It doesn’t put pressure on your back or shoulders like the common purses or bags.
6. You can dance and shake your booty with the “booty bells.”
7. It is hands-free fun!
8. The name sounds so cool. This purse is for the young and young at heart!

Looking to spice up your boring multi-million dollar purse line? With a name like Booty Pak, you will dominate the media in no time!

Features of the Booty Pak™ Purse

Booty Pak™ purses are available in many colors like black, yellow, and orange. There is also a clear version. The retail price of a leather Booty Pak™ purse is $169.00, but if you are lucky enough to get hold of it during the sales, you might get it for an occasional sale price of $149.99 or a bonus sale price of $79.99. Isn’t that great? The additional feature of the bag is the booty bells that are attached to it. It makes you stand out in the crowd. If you are in a party mood to rock the floor, you could shake your booty bells to the music. Booty Pak™ purses with booty bells are great for dancing at clubs or parties!

With purchase of this trademark, the owner will receive 20 different colored prototypes with booty bells, all of the PSD versions of the logo, and the website www.bootypak.com!

NOTE: The mark consists of the word “BOOTY” written in unique capital letters and the work “PAK” written in very small capital letters under the “T” and “Y” of the word “BOOTY.” The two letter “O’s” in the word “BOOTY” look like an illustration of a moving buttocks with a unique line above the buttocks illustration.

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