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$10M outright sale or $5M & 25%. OR $2M per yr til 2078

Body Juice®

  • Int. Class: 032
  • Registration Number: 4661194
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Usage Status: In Use
  • Territories: US
  • Exclusive: yes


Good day world; (8/26 BREAKING NEWS UPDATED NUMBERS!!)if you are reading this, you are the lucky one to have chance, to embark on an opportunity with a project that has potential to amass “Coca-Cola” type money, as that is the type of conglomerate I aim to have acquire my project. This big project or beverage I speak of is named “Body Juice” (TM). A new soda or beverage for the regular normal person. A beverage that builds confidence saying “I’m happy with myself.” A beverage with a name, that once repeated, one won’t be able to stop saying. A beverage name that most will say, “Why didn’t I this of this?” This beverage name will captivate people of all ages across the world and possibly drive social media insane, quote end quote, “break the internet” as a woman named Kim supposedly did. If you have a body, this is the beverage you should drink. This beverage will make a mark in the industry for decades to come and I strongly feel it will be desired to be acquired for absorbent amounts of money. Now I’m in position that I’d like to license this name and trademark. I would prefer to license so I won’t feel totally shorted, but I may be persuaded to sell outright. Who would like to be apart of making new history?? I am asking for a price but accepting negotiations. The price Im asking for is (UPDATED NUMBERS 8/26)$10,000,000.00 after taxes for outright sale of trademark name, OR $5,000,000.00 AND 25% royalties. Now, I see my numbers may seem high, but I strongly feel these will be a drop in the bucket compared to hundreds of millions in revenue annually, on its way to billions. As I said “Coke” numbers. *8/8 update, marketing and merchandising opportunities are endless.* May the most optimistic person contact me sooner than later. Don’t let the new juice get loose from you. As stated, I will entertain negotiations and there is a good chance for sale instead of licensing. *New update 8/26 $2,000,000.00 per year til 2078.

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