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$400 000


  • Registration Number: 6331148, 6331144, 6344154, 1538340, 1537002, 1536348, 1531843
  • Registered in: US,CA,CH,CN,EU,Other,UK,IN
  • Int. Class: 09, 35, 38, 42
  • Usage Status: In Use


Registration number: 6331148, 6331144, 6344154 (US), 1538340, 1537002, 1536348, 1531843 (UK, EU, CN, CH, IN)

Registered in: US, UK, EU, CH, CN, IN.

The “Arview” brand is offered for sale.

“Arview” [AR – Augmented Reality; view] brand is perfect for IT companies whose activities are related to VR/AR, the production of related goods, as well as other companies in the digital technology market.

The sale package includes:

(a) 4 registered trademarks, namely:
(i) ARVIEW [word mark] (US (6331148), UK, EU, CN (1538340));
(ii) Arview [combined mark] (US (6331144), UK, EU, CH, CN (1537002));
(iii) ArviewTV [word mark] (US (6344154), UK, EU, CH, IN, CN (1536348));
(iv) ArviewPAY [word mark] (UK, EU, CH, CN (1531843));

(b) 5 trademark applications, namely:
(i) ArviewPAY [word mark] (US (79285996), CA (2029593));
(ii) Arview.TV [combined mark] (US (90493548);
(iii) ARVIEW [word mark] (CA (2037514));
(iv) Arview [combined mark] (CA (2036119));
(v) ArviewTV [word mark] (CA (2034760));

(c) 8 domain names, namely:
(i) arview.net;
(ii) arview.org;
(iii) arview.io;
(iv) arview.tv;
(v) arviewtv.com;
(vi) arviewtv.org;
(vii) arviewtv.net;
(viii) arw.tv

(d) 2 account names, namely:
(i) Arview (App Store, Google Play, TikTok);
(ii) ArviewTV (App Store, Google Play, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, QQ, WeChat)

If you need detailed information about specific trademarks, applications, domain names or account names, please send a request to our e-mail.

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