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  • Registration Number: 5891999 and 5829278
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 003 and 031
  • Usage Status: In Use


IC 003. US 001 004 006 050 051 052. G & S: cleaning preparations for household and professional purposes, namely, all-purpose cleaners for use in connection with pet care and pet stains and odors.

IC 031. US 001 046. G & S: Animal litter; Cat litter; Cat litter and litter for small animals; Cat litters; Litter for animals; Litter for domestic animals; Cat litter and litter for small animals.

Brand identity is one of a consumer product’s most valuable assets. It immediately connects us with the hearts and minds of the targeted audience.

SIMPLE BRANDS WIN – especially when using a rare 4-letter mark (with registered trademark protection) to help differentiate versus the competition in a crowded pet litter, cleanup and odor control category ($5.5 billion annual retail sales in the USA).

MEMORABLE – short length, easy to remember, and enduring.

ENGENDERS TRUST, CONFIDENCE & SHAREABILITY – suggestive mark that implies a fresh beginning in a new form or manner and more positive way. Resonates especially with pet parents who continue to seek knowledge about how their furry friends can live the longest and healthiest lives possible.

UNIVERSAL – provides potential brand exclusivity in the entire pet care space with an opportunity to file additional Goods & Services via the USPTO. Further, provides long-term brand development flexibility via use of your company’s current/new formulas and technologies.

PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE – includes the mark (brand) along with its goodwill (no product formulas involved) and all domains associated with the brand.

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