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Vintage American Collectibles ®

  • Int. Class: 035
  • Registration Number: 85-008,374
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Usage Status: In Use
  • Territories: US
  • Exclusive: possible
Vintage American Collectibles ®


According to a recent survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 78 percent of Americans would prefer to buy American products. Todd Marx analyzes the survey’s findings in a February 2013 article in Consumer Reports. This is great news for American manufacturers today and hopefully will be part of the tipping point to promote a renaissance in American manufacturing.

The trademark Vintage American Collectibles is analogous to quality, aesthetics, workmanship, safetly, excellence and artistry; the qualities that make American products popular today.

American industrial and manufacturing designers deserve more than a nod for their roles in making American products eternally collectible; Brooks Stevens (designer of the beloved plane inspired pettipoint iron), Charles and Ray Eames (the first American modernists), Russel Wright (who knew a fork could be aesthetically interesting?), Eliot Noyes (forget the stations, his radio design had the vibe Americans really loved), Henry Ford (who brought the crazy cool automation process to fruition so the masses could afford his automobile designs), the Fentons (who taught us glass could be both utilitarian and art) and endless more.

The artists, designers and entrepreneurs that made the United States the global manufacturing giant, thought more about the product than the price tag. This manufacturing ethos is historically relevant but mostly absent from today’s American business world where CEO’s demand a salary of up to 380 times the average American employee.

This fact can allude us to this concept; it will be very hard to climb back up the slippery slope of manufacturing greatness when the integrity of the product is less important than the salary of the CEO. We may never know excellence in manufacturing again.

Vintage American Collectibles is a brand name which alludes to the prolific greatness in products made in the USA. You can capture the vibe for yourself.

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