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$ 600,000.00


  • Registration Number: 6247831
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 10
  • Usage Status: In Use


The word Tuina originated from China, that is the Chinese character “推拿”, which means massage. Tuina is the earliest medical technique in Chinese history and now belongs to Chinese medicine.
Tuina is the pinyin of “推拿” in Chinese (and appropriate). In other countries, it completely represents Chinese Tuina, which means massage. The Tuina font is widely used by 1.4 billion Chinese people. It is the first medical technique in China. Much earlier than traditional Chinese medicine, it has been known to people all over the world in recent years. Tuina is an ancient Chinese method of treating injuries and illnesses. It is an integral part of modern Chinese medicine. Because its methods cannot be overcome and the treatment effect is good, Especially in the past 40 years, as Western medicine has studied Chinese medicine and opened a Chinese medicine school, it has played a huge role in the development and improvement of Chinese medicine. Some scientific research institutions have begun to study the mechanism of Tui Na and have achieved preliminary results. This is a great promotion to Tui Na, which shows that the Chinese Tui Na method to treat diseases has been paid attention to by the world.

Almost everyone in the United States understands the meaning of the word Tuina. If Tuina is a trademark for the same massage product, it will be easier to understand and accept by the public than other trademarks or products without trademarks.
Therefore, this is a rare opportunity to own a high-quality trademark of your own!

For: Massage apparatus and instruments; Massage apparatus for massaging neck, back, feet; Massage apparatus for eyes; Massage apparatus for neck and shoulders; Massage balls; Massage beds for medical purposes; Massage chairs; Massage chairs with built-in massage apparatus; Massage mitts; Massage sticks; Massage stones; Massagers in the nature of electromechanical massage mechanism for chairs; Massaging apparatus for personal use; Cups for use in massage therapy; Electric massage apparatus for household use; Electric massage appliances, namely, electric vibrating massager; Electric massage chairs; Electric foot spa massagers; Electric scalp massagers for commercial use; Electric scalp massagers for household use; Foam massage rollers; Foot massage apparatus; Gloves for massage; Gum massagers for babies; Gum massaging instruments; Lactation massage bars; Vibrating massage mitts for pets

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