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  • Registration Number: 6326874
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 9
  • Usage Status: Not in Use


# Mark: TikTa
# Price: $2,000 (No additional costs)
# Trademark Origin: U.S. Trademark
# Category: Class 9 – Electronics /Scientific
# Serial Number: 90138085
# Registration Number: 6326874
# Goods /Services: Batteries; Cables, electric; Cases adapted for cameras; Cases adapted for computers; Cases for children’s eye glasses; Cases for compact discs; Cases for contact lenses; Cases for diskettes; Cases for diskettes and compact disks; Cases for electronic diaries; Cases for eyeglasses and sunglasses; Cases for eyewear; Cases for mobile phones; Cases for photographic apparatus; Cases for pocket calculators; Cases for smartphones; Cases for spectacles and sunglasses; Cases for telephones; Casings and casing parts for electrical equipment, namely, housing for switching apparatus; Computer hardware and computer peripheral devices; Computer hardware and computer peripherals; Computer stands specially designed for holding a computer, printer and computer peripherals; Keyboards for mobile phones; Keyboards for smartphones; Mounting devices for monitors; Audio cables; Battery cables; Battery cases; Battery chargers; Beeper carrying cases; Camera cases; Camera mounts and supports; Carrying cases for cell phones; Carrying cases for mobile computers; CD cases; Cell phone cases; Coaxial cables; Compact disc cases; Computer cables; Computer cases; Computer keyboards; Computer mounts; Computer carrying cases; Computer monitor mounts; Connection cables; Contact lens cases; Data cables; DVD cases; Earth cables; Electric cables; Electrical cables; Electronic cables; Ethernet cables; Extension cables; Eye glass cases; Eyeglass cases; Eyewear cases; Guitar cables; Jumper cables; Laptop carrying cases; Mechanical keyboards; Microphone cables; Modem cables; Notebook computer carrying cases; Optical cables; PC tablet mounts; Pince-nez mountings; Power cables; Printer cables; Protective cases for cell phones; Protective cases for laptop computers; Protective cases for tablet computers; Protective covers and cases for laptops; Shield cases for magnetic disks; Slide film mounts; Smartphone mounts; Solar batteries; Solar-powered battery chargers; Spectacle cases; Spectacles, frames and cases; Stereo cables; Telecommunication cables; Telecommunications cables; USB cables; Video cables; Waterproof cases for smart phones; Wireless chargers

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