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The D®

  • Registration Number: 4316115
  • Int. Class: 25
  • Usage Status: In Use
The D®


Part of a group of incontestable trademarks for sale including
1) The D Int Cl 25 #4,316,115 April 9 2013
2) The D Int Cl 41 #4,333,876 May 14th 2013
3) Welcome to the D Int Cl 25 # 3,724,089 Dec 2009
4) Welcome to the D Int Cl 41 #4,117,605 March 2012
5) Welcome to the D Int Cl 41 #4,376,110 July 2013
The benefits:
General trademark of the phrases without regard to style or font so you can create hundreds of designs that will all be covered under the brand phrase umbrellas.
Trademark is usable by any City, State, Sports Team, etc that starts with the letter D. (Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Duke, etc)
Opportunities for a return on Trademark enforcement if you are a powerful company. Entities using the marks without permission include MLB team, Major network radio, Casino, Municipality, Big 3 Automobile Company etc. I am only an individual and cannot fight multi-billion dollar entities. There is no statute of limitations on IP infringement. I have all evidence, documentation to be included with the sale of the trademark.Enforcement would also result in high profile cases for the enforcing entity and media attention to attract more clients.

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