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$50,000.00 (Agents Welcomed)

Santa Barbaria® Novels

  • Registration Number: 4796252
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 016
  • Usage Status: In Use


Qualified buyer is entitled to utilize the copyright content of the websites www.SantaBarbaria.com,www.iWatergateWest.com,www.BarbariaUnleashed.com, www.ASandpipersView.com, www.PlatformHolly.com, www.HaskellsBeach.com,www.EllwoodBeach.com. and www.AfterTheSBQuake.com found in my www.afternic.com portfolio. The future author or movie script writer is given free reign to improvise or embellish
the main thematic expressions contained therein or to entirely develop new or more dramatic content. I will also be available
to assume a consulting role, if need be, in developing various character analysis/portraits or plot direction(s)free of charge throughout the writing process. Your professional objectivity is essential here. Thank you sincerely for your ongoing interest in this matter as events herein are rapidly evolving to a fruition of some yet undetermined form. Please feel free to contact me through my email address to address any issues or answer any current questions outstanding that you may have. Class 16 (Paper Goods and Printed Matter)also includes,among other things,photographs, stationery, lithographs (numbered), etchings (numbered), charcoal renderings (numbered) and other assorted printed matter both sold as a piece or online; so the field is wide open to explore and disseminate these other very vital artistic expressions of Santa Barbaria(R).The sky is really the limit for one’s own unique creativity. The mark lasts here for five-plus years with infinite renewal potential. It is my hope now that I can enter into a contractual arrangement with an online art gallery rather than any one individual artist, but all my options still remain open. This trademark also allows the future author to publish an unlimited number of e-novel series on the www.santabarbaria.com website or barbariaunleashed.com website if the owner so chooses. I really would like to create another Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” herein both in paintings and by words so as to effect a lasting positive environmental change in this regard.Please visit the www.santabarbaria.com website for a more detailed updated version of the future book #1 outline.
Obviously, Santa Barbaria (R) is a parody in many ways on the quaint community of Santa Barbara, California; with both its positive and negative inherent unique characteristics. 10% commission given to qualified agents/brokers. In the interim before its eventual inexorable sale due to circumstances beyond my control, I am quietly preparing in my own sacred solace the first 550-page draft manuscript (Book 1) to be printed in its entirety on the www.santabarbaria.com website in due time. It will be able to be accessed anywhere in the world and read free of charge for anyone willing to put in the time. However, I still will retain the copyright content including movie/novel rights. www.santabarbaria.com is presently listed separately on the www.afternic.com domain exchange for $50,000.00 and ideally should be purchased simultaneously in conjunction with this trademark for a grand total of $50,000.00.My intellectual property attorney located in Coral Gables, Florida will draft the appropriate contractual agreement(s). This tangible asset has now been held for over one year by me and now qualifies as a long-term asset; subject to reduced capital gains taxation rates upon sale.

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