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$5,000.00--Negotiable & Agents Welcomed

Santa Barbaria® Novels

  • Registration Number: 4796252
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 016
  • Usage Status: In Use


Qualified buyer is entitled to utilize the copyright content of the websites www.SantaBarbaria.com,www.iWatergateWest.com,www.BarbariaUnleashed.com,www.ASandpipersView.com,PlateformHolly.com,www.HaskellsBeach.com,www.EllwoodBeach.com and www.AfterTheSBQuake.com found in my www.afternic.com portfolio.The future author or movie script writer is given free reign to improvise or embellish the main thematic expressions contained therein or to entirely develop new or more dramatic content.
Obviously, Santa Barbaria (R) is a parody in many ways on the quaint community of Santa Barbara, California,with both its positive and negative inherent characteristics. I would like to create another Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” here by words or by cinematic images so as to effect a lasting positive environmental change.I still am particularly concerned about all the remaining oil pier pilings still standing in the sand partially submerged along Haskell’s Beach in Santa Barbara county. I thought that my legal case against the state of California et.al.filed in 1974 would have solved this problem, but such was not the case. The legal community or the mainstream media for that matter now seem to be taking a “stand-offish” position, much like a group of sharks circling their prey.One legal firm there could easily file an injunction.If you don’t believe me Los Angelenos, drive up there and take a look for yourself. You’ll see that I am telling the truth–the whole truth.This is a litmus test–this country lacks the political will to do anything about it! And the inevitable injuries will happen again here.Not to worry–they are considered by some to be expendables.
My intellectual property attorney located in Coral Gables, Florida will draft the appropriate contractual agreements.
10% sales commission given to qualified agents or brokers who bring me a qualified buyer.Sales price includes the novelistic trademark along with the above-listed bundled domains with copywritten content. Will also consider licensing the mark with negotiable terms.

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