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  • Registration Number: 4,983,672
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 35 and 36
  • Usage Status: In Use



You are not just buying the RewardMax.com trademark – Included in the sale of the domain name RewardMax.com is all of the following:

1) You get the transfer , full rights use and ownership of the Federal Registered Trademark for the domain name RewardMax.com® that was awarded U.S. TradeMark Registration in June 2016 – Registration Number: 4,983,672 in multiple classifications

IC 036. US 100 101 102. G & S: Providing cash and other rebates for credit card use as part of a customer loyalty program.

IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Administration of a customer loyalty program which provides for enabling participants to obtain unique benefits and perks, namely, expanded access to offers and refunds through use of a membership program; Issuing gift certificates which may then be redeemed for goods or services; Promoting the goods and services of others by means of the issuance of loyalty rewards cards;
Promoting the goods and services of others by providing a website featuring coupons, rebates, price-comparison information, product reviews, links to the retail websites of others, and discount information; Promotional services, namely, promoting the goods of others by means of providing online gift certificates.

2) In addition you get the RewardMax.com domain
In addition to the RewardMax.com primary domain you also get 3 additional related domains: RewardMax.net, RewardMax.org and Reward-Max.com

RewardMax.com – currently paid up til 11/2020

RewardMax.net – currently paid up til 11/2018

RewardMax.org – currently paid up til 11/2017

Reward-Max.com – currently paid up til 11/2017

3) You also get the Twitter social media account @rewardmax which has been reserved on twitter

4) You get the Adobe Illustrator and PDF files for the RewardMax logo and RewardMax Mobile App Icon


Easy to remember
Highly brandable
Huge Development Potential
Great Catchy, Brandable Name for any/all of the following

1) Credit Card Industry – Reward Points , Cash-Back, Perks, Incentives, Loyalty, Engagement

2) Website and Mobile app for Coalition Reward Points company such as PLENTI.com

3) Website and Mobile app type cash and rebates rewards company such as Ebates.com

4) Website and Mobile App for online rewards company such as SwagBucks.com or Ibotta.com

5) A Loyalty/Engagement company with location based offers, location based point rewards, action based point rewards , action based offers, social referral based points/offers/rewards, incentives, Deals, Perks, Upgrades, Social Network Community

6) A Website and Mobile App such as with Living Social , Groupon Discount Shopping, Gift Certificates, Gift Cards,

According to COLLOQUY – in 2013 more than $12 Billion in loyalty rewards were given out in retail alone. This does not include credit card/bank rewards and travel/hospitality (including those the number approaches $50 Billion).

A 2015 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census showed U.S. consumers hold 3.3 BILLION memberships in customer loyalty programs, a 26% increase over the number of memberships reported in COLLOQUY’s last census study in 2013. COLLOQUY’s biennial report IN 2015 showed that American households hold memberships in 29 loyalty programs spread among the retail, financial services, travel and various other economic sectors.

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