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Recommended By Pets Everywhere!®

  • Int. Class: 005, 031, 035, 044
  • Registration Number: TMA832,555
  • Country of Origin: CA
  • Usage Status: In Use
  • Territories: US,CA
  • Exclusive: possible
Recommended By Pets Everywhere!®


Recommended By Pets Everywhere!®


A Trademark is the most economical, yet valuable possession that a corporation can promote.
It can also become costly for marketing professionals to identify a suitable trademark that will effectively portray the corporation’s public image.
Recommended By Pets Everywhere! is a simple, straightforward, all-encapsulating, and long-term trademark that could represent your corporation while elevating your image to a new and higher standard.
Anyway you look at it, Recommended By Pets Everywhere! incorporates everything you want to promote about your corporation.
Registration Number: TMA832,555
(1) Printed and electronic publications.
(2) Clothing
(1) Pet boarding services; Pet grooming services.
(2) Operating a website providing information in the field of pet care products and services.
International Class: 005, 031, 035 044

Goods and Services:
(1) Retail and wholesale pet stores.
(2) Veterinary services, veterinary surgery, veterinary dentistry, veterinary emergency and trauma services; pet hospital services.
(3) Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions.
(4) Medical services; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture, horticulture and forestry services.
(5) Pet food; pet treats.
(6) Vitamins and dietary food supplements for animals.

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