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  • Registration Number: 90101290
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 25
  • Usage Status: Not in Use


Brand New US Trademark.

Goods and Services:

Coats; Coats for men and women; Coats made of cotton; Coats of denim; Dress pants; Dress shields; Dress shirts; Dress shoes; Dress straps; Dress suits; Dresses; Pants; Shirts; Suits; A-shirts; Athletic pants; Athletic shirts; Balloon pants; Bathing suits; Bathing suits for men; Body shirts; Body suits; Camouflage shirts; Camp shirts; Capri pants; Cargo pants; Cat suits; Cocktail dresses; Collared shirts; Crop pants; Custom made to measure suits for men and women; Dance pants; Denim pants; Down suits; Dry suits; Duffel coats; Duffle coats; Evening coats; Evening dresses; Fishing shirts; Flight suits; Flood pants; Fur coats; Fur coats and jackets; Golf pants, shirts and skirts; Golf shirts; Gym pants; Gym suits; Heavy coats; Horse-riding pants; Hunting pants; Hunting shirts; Jogging pants; Jogging suits; Judo suits; Jump suits; Jumper dresses; Karate suits; Knit dresses; Knit shirts; Lab coats; Ladies’ suits; Leather coats; Leather pants; Leather shirts; Leisure suits; Light-reflecting coats; Lounge pants; Men’s dress socks; Men’s suits; Men’s suits, women’s suits; Men’s and women’s jackets, coats, trousers, vests; Mixed martial arts suits; Morning coats; Motorcycle rain suits; Night shirts; Nurse dresses; Nurse pants; One-piece play suits; Over coats; Over shirts; Pea coats; Pinafore dresses; Play suits; Polo shirts; Rain coats; Rain suits; Ramie shirts; Riding coats; Rugby shirts; Running suits; Sailor suits; Sheepskin coats; Shirts for suits; Ski pants; Ski suits; Ski suits for competition; Skirt suits; Skirts and dresses; Sleep pants; Sleep shirts; Snow pants; Snow suits; Snow boarding suits; Snowboard pants; Sport coats; Sport shirts; Sports pants; Sports shirts; Stretch pants; Suit coats; Sweat pants; Sweat shirts; Sweat suits; Swim suits; T-shirts; Tee shirts; Tennis dresses; Toboggan hats, pants and caps; Top coats; Track pants; Track suits; Training suits; Trench coats; Tube dresses; Waterproof jackets and pants; Wedding dresses; Wet suit gloves; Wet suits; Wind coats; Wind pants; Wind shirts; Wind suits; Winter coats; Women’s ceremonial dresses; Women’s clothing, namely, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses; Woven dresses; Yoga pants; Yoga shirts; Zoot suits

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