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PF The Potty Fairy

  • This item has been sold
  • Int. Class: 9 and 16
  • Registration Number: 3,497,005
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Usage Status: In Use
  • Territories: US
  • Exclusive: yes
PF The Potty Fairy


The Potty Fairy loves to deliver underwear at night to children who are potty training for a fresh start in the morning. When delivering underwear, they collect diapers not needed anymore and bring to babies who need them. They deliver rewards thru out the day when they catch children doing a good job, encouraging notes when children are having struggling. They are ready to celebrate when a child is potty trained and like to leave felt crowns. The fairies add fun and social-emotional support and is an enrichment to any potty training method. The Potty Fairies story also provides potty training tips.

The Potty Fairy story and products have been created by an educator for children who are potty training. The Potty Fairy is an enrichment to a potty training method. The Potty Fairy book and products were produced, sold and field tested. Products included were a book, dolls, song, crowns, underwear and teeshirts. Modifications have been made based on parent and children’s feedback.

Modifications include a new unpublished manuscript and new Potty Fairy doll character and design. All other products remain the same.

The Potty Fairy has been recognized and celebrated by Parent Magazine and the Mall of America. The Potty Fairy has been invited to perform at Toddler Tuesdays at the Mall of America and invited back! The story, song, dance and crowns were introduced and enjoyed by all!

The Potty Fairy logo has been designed and used. Two logo variations are available. A website has been created that offers a parent blog. Social Media accounts have been made and are active. The song and legend are available on u-tube. An Amazon account has been made and used.

The Potty Fairy has strong recommendations from potty training consultants/specialists, pediatricians, early child development specialist/teachers, authors and other potty training product owners. Parents are anxiously waiting for the updated products.

The 3-Day Method for potty training works well with The Potty Fairy. Additional information can be provided if interested.

The Potty Fairy has been used by parents internationally.

The Potty Fairy creator is open and available to help promote.


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