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  • Registration Number: 87665474
  • Int. Class: 009, 016, 021, 025
  • Usage Status: In Use


“Open your mind to possibility and the opportunities to do good multiply”

P.R. Kerston

My business partner and I recently read an article about the continuing marriage of marketing and trademarks. The article pointed out that the use of social media to promote products and sales was getting somewhat stale and repetitive. The new kid in town for awareness and branding will be the “Trademark”, where a company can own a separate trademark to boost themselves up a notch to create more consciousness in their established brand. Around the world social media has created a new kind of negativity and bullying among the young. Heartfelt stories and stories that break your heart. We have read and we’re not the first to notice the mean tweets on Twitter and cruel Instagram’s for example. Did you know globally there are over two hundred social media sites on the internet? There are approximately two and a half billion people around the world using social media. Statistics show that between one in three to one in four kids feel they have been bullied. Everyone, no matter your beliefs, your race or your sex are susceptible to being bullied.

It got us thinking, could we help get a positive message on social media to this generation of kids? Can we create a flagship brand that would lead to less cruelty and more kindness? We came up with a couple of terms, a play on words: “mistweetment”, and its verb, “mistweeted”. We have trademarked them and created a brand in hopes of starting a campaign to wake people up to the harm, the emotional cruelty, the future ruination that these angry tweets and other social media messages can bring.

Our goal is to turn these trademarked branded words into an “anti-bullying” permanent message for all ages. Something like Mackenzie Bezos site “Bystander Revolution”. We believe the trademarks “mistweeted and mistweetment” could become a calling card signal among friends for self-empowerment.

We personally don’t have the business and marketing experience for this to happen, but you might. Do you possess an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you have a track record in turning Trademark Branding into successful businesses? Do you or your team have creative ideas of how the marks mistweeted and mistweetment can be used as anti-bullying messages for grade school, middle school, high school or college youth?

Are you connected to venture capital or angel capital? Do you have business connections with a clothing manufacturer like Nike, the Gap or a hip clothing line that’s looking for another brand message? Are you a major player in the clothing industry?

Do you have connections with young musical talent like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande? These two Trademarks would make a solid investment if entertainment talent were to brand themselves with mistweeted and mistweetment. A song? A tour? Taylor, Ariana and other such mega stars have over one hundred million Instagram followers. Do the math. We did! $$$,$$$,$$$.$$

As an example the trademark “mistweeted” can be used as a social, evolutionary, spiritual and self-motivational tool.

“Feeling mistweeted? Watch other people less and go create yourself”

“Mistweeted? Go hangout and talk to a real friend”

As you can see, both words also have a playful, cute and fun vibe to them. They are appealing. Humor also soothes the savage beast while creating a great amount of realization.

We would be happy to discuss a transfer of the ownership of these trademarks. We think the trademarks carry great value today. Between great business management skills, social media, and the current vibe in society, we believe you could turn these trademarks into a very successful and profitable enterprise. Maybe a non-profit business for charities?

Please let us know if you have an interest in discussing this.

Thank you,


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