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880000 USD


  • Registration Number: US 5000992,US 5000992,US 79137285,
  • Registered in: AU,US,CH,EU,UK
  • Int. Class: 25,9,10,14
  • Usage Status: In Use


The offer includes the trademark iDress plus a unique collection of 34/ 35 domains names, related to the trademark iDress. Idress.com domain is negotiable, too. The trademark grants full rights to use the name for (smart)fashion, jewelry, textiles, apps and medical /health-related devices (see attachments).
As you might know, it is often not possible to recover domains containing trademark names which are in use and of which the TLD’s have been captured in the past by other owners.
As it is offered here, including 34 domains, it means a one-of-a-kind advantage for your marketing. You don’t have to run after the competition to stop them from selling counterfeiting products, instead, they simply can’t market it from a valuable domain name, as all relevant domains are captured by your domain package already.

Therefore, the offer here iDressTM covering US, EU, UK, CH, AU + 34 domain names present a unique opportunity to own the trademark plus blocking the most essential extensions for the classes which are protected.

iDress is a future- proof fashion trademark with the possibility to extend the use for fashionable electronic devices, E-health, applications, smart fashion, wearable technology etc. For the US use, please consider the information as attached.

The trademark is fantastic for Apple-related style products, too.

It took time and efforts to build this collection which guarantees international coverage and worldwide reach by its numerous domain names. iDress is a coveted 5-letter business-name (like Gucci, Guess, Yeezy). It is as well a convincing, figurative and highly memorable brand name. Therefore, the price reflects the unique value of name, efforts and opportunities.

In case you wish to contact me personally, please send me an email. In case you want to speak to a lawyer and trademark expert, please call my lawyers Fross Zelnick, Lehrman and Zissu, P.C., New York, Ms Susan Upton Douglass and feel free to discuss your project.

Don’t hesitate to start your negotiations now.

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