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2 Million USD


  • Registration Number: US 5000992,US 5000992,US 79137285,
  • Registered in: AU,US,CH,EU,UK
  • Int. Class: 25,9,10,14
  • Usage Status: In Use


The trademark iDress is fully protected in Europe and USA for clothing and wearables/smartwatches/smart jewelry. It is currently only in use for diamond-jewelry, which will be transferred after the sale to a new brand name and which will not affect in any way the plans of the new trademark owner.
The trademark is suitable like no other for the launch of a new popular cutting- edge sportswear/clothing brand and is now put to sale with immediate effect because of the forecasted success of wearables and smart fabrics in sportswear. The association with Apple products, but as well the protection of embedded technology in fabrics ready the brand name for the launch of a future-proof lifestyle brand, including all related jewelry like smartwatches etc.
The owner has collected over the years more than 34 relevant domain names, and the idress.com domain name, is part of the negotiations. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire a 5-letter- Apple-related brand name with full trademark rights for this price. The owner reserves the right to raise the price after 1 year. In the attachment, you can see the actual status at the WIPO. In case you wish to contact me personally, please send me an email. In case you wish to make an offer, please call my lawyers Fross Zelnick, Lehrman and Zissu,P.C., New York, Ms Susan Upton Douglass for further information, Thank you.

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