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How to Pass on Your First Try! ®

  • Registration Number: 4776602
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 016
  • Usage Status: In Use


“How to Pass on Your First Try!” is a BRILLANT subtitle for any test preparation book. From working professionals to students- who are looking to pass their certification exams or tests- this subtitle stands out from all of the other study aid preparation Brands. It is truly one of a kind subtitle because who doesn’t want to pass on their first try? It’s eye popping next to any competition study prep book.

Virtually any professional exam, certification test, or licensure exam can fall under this trademarked Brand. There are currently several very successful study aid prep books with this subtitle.

The Brand transforms intimidating exams and tests, such as the Professional Engineering Licensure Exam, ACT Test, MCAT Test, GED, and the DMV Driving Test, into easy-to-use study aid questions to enable learners at every level to gain confidence in order to pass on their first try! It’s straight to the point, focuses on the 80/20 rule, only spending time on the questions that matter, not wasting time on the harder questions, etc.

The subtitle is brilliant because it has built in confirmation basis. When someone uses a study prep book titled “How to Pass on Your First Try!”, and they actually pass their exam, the book WORKED! No doubt about it. It’s magical. It ABSOLUTELY worked just like it said it would! They tell their friends who also buy it.

Just like the old woman who correctly predicts the sex of someone’s baby… How could she have possibly known? She must be psychic! No, but if she guesses enough times, she’ll be correct 50% of the time. For those 50% that she guessed correctly, she is a psychic! They are convinced. But for the other 50% that she didn’t, she was just a crazy old lady. For those who do not pass, perhaps they didn’t study enough or follow the advice and put in the required time, but we have no control over that.. The positive reviews on AMAZON speak to the confirmation basis. The book REALLY WORKS!

“How to Pass on Your First Try!” is truly one of a kind subtitle which can be used on thousands of different exams and test preparation books.


https://www.amazon.com/PMP-Exam-Pass-First-Fifth/dp/098276085X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1496955522&sr=8-3&keywords=PMP+exam 750,000.00

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