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  • Registration Number: 6300429
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 25
  • Usage Status: Not in Use


Instant Amazon Brand Registry, instant use on Amazon!
100% secure deal via PayPal.

1, Simple pronunciation;
2, Smooth structure;
3, Good for clothing.

Benefits to the buyer:
*Full rights to the brand.
*The logo.
*Trademark transferred to you, which can be verified at uspto.gov

Generally, we have 4 things to do:
1st, a trademark assignment agreement will be signed between us;
2nd, we make a payment invoice to you on the basis of the agreement;
3rd, after you pay the invoice, we will assist you to process the Amazon Brand Registry (brand registry commonly takes only 24 hours);
4th, we will submit the trademark ownership transfer documents at USPTO.GOV, the transfer will come into effect in several days.

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