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$1,850,000 OBO/and/or License Fee


  • Registration Number: 5049980
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 021
  • Usage Status: In Use


NOTE: AS of 11 May 2017, substantial additions have been made to this offering to a include a proprietary cannabis production capability.

FreeTheBong® USPTO Trademark (Federal/Nationwide) and associated patent(s) and domain names present a unique opportunity to enter the fast growing, legal medical and recreational marijuana (MJ) market. FreeTheBong® is the first-ever/only apparent “MJ” paraphernalia marketing reference allowed by the USPTO. This action was allowed due to the trademark’s association with USPTO Patent 7,861,900 B2, Fluid Dispensing System which now defines a “bong” shaped package as a beverage container and packaging system. Further, due to the patent association, other trademark uses of the word “bong” can/could be used as bona fide trademark candidates with easy USPTO sanction. After all, what says “marijuana” better than “bong”, without actually saying the word marijuana.

Offering can be used for legal MJ packaging/sales, beverage sales, edible packaging/sales, disposable bong sales, and tourist/hotel, and airport souvenirs where MJ is legal. The FreeTheBong® business strategy is to leap-frog the myriad of on-going, state-based MJ branding campaigns which are unprotected by a nationwide (USPTO)trademark.

Due to USPTO trademark status and direct association with beverage container applications, FreeTheBong® can be advertised openly on Facebook and Google platforms (digital media) unlike marijuana-specific products which are banned. This is a key market leverage point and substantial advantage for exploiting the emerging MJ market.

Offering includes rights to all four elements:1) FreeTheBong® Trademark; 2)USPTO Patent 7,861,900 B2, Fluid Dispensing System; 3) www.FreeTheBong.com domain, 4) Twitter & Facebook accounts. Further, all variations of disposable bong product and package designs under development are included.

NOTE: As of 11 May 2017, FreeTheBong® has developed a proprietary method for processing cannabis that allows the end product to be smoked, vaped, consumed orally, or made into cannabis tea, beer, or other beverages;all from a proven, automated process resulting in a single product that retains it psychotropic value. This product can be sold for medical or recreational uses where legal. The many features and advantages of this process are far too numerous to discuss on this page. Confidential discussions can be had with serious offers from bona fide candidate firms. This proven process is now included in the FreeTheBong® offering as described above.

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