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Don’t Hurt Anyone®

  • Registration Number: 5,451,545
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 25
  • Usage Status: In Use
Don’t Hurt Anyone®


Don’t Hurt Anyone (DHA) has the potential to empower and unite people, businesses, industries and institutions. The mission: to foster non-violence, tolerance and a more civil society.

The DHA message is designed to transcend race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality and other qualities that make our world interesting.

Intolerance, discrimination, harassment, inequality and injustice are persistent problems. In too many environments those currents are growing stronger and even acceptable in the mainstream. Divisive, irresponsible rhetoric has generated extensive media coverage but the result is too much heat and not enough light. Unfortunately, this attention helps shape a distorted public narrative. Don’t Hurt Anyone aims to help bend the curve back.

To be clear, Don’t Hurt Anyone is intended to address all forms of violence. That includes organized violence and discrimination but also includes issues such as domestic violence, child abuse, bullying and sexual violence and harassment.

Don’t Hurt Anyone is personal, local, national and global.

Don’t Hurt Anyone will resonate with millions of individuals – each informed by their own perspective and life experiences – to unite and create a new engine for awareness and unity to promote non-violence, tolerance and civility.

The zeitgeist is right. The potential is enormous.

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