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$2,900,000 / Negotiable offer

Creation Now®

  • Registration Number: 5,520,508
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 16
  • Usage Status: In Use
Creation Now®


Creation Now is a registered trademark under class: 16
Printed books in the field of self help and motivation.
It was in first use 4-3-2018 and in commerce 4-3-2018.
the mark consists of standard characters without claim to any particular font style, size or color. Serial No. 87-370,546, Filed 03-14-2017

Class 16 has many items that it applies to. Of most use are the publication of books, Cards (Greeting Cards and all other types of cards), Magazines, Papers, Periodicals, Posters, Envelopes, Canvas, Cardboard, Charts, Stationary, Covers, Folders for paper / Jackets for paper or books, Flyers, Graphic Prints, Lithographs, Ledgers, Loose-leaf binders, Newspapers, note books, packaging, Pads, Printed Photographs, Postcards, Stamp pads, Teaching materials (except apparatus), tracing patterns, Writing and drawing books, Writing instruments and brushes….. and on and on.

It was originally intended to be used as a “self help” / “motivational” subscription service, in which individuals could subscribe to receive a monthly publication packet designed to assist in their making substantial transitional and life changes. A business plan was developed in which the service could either be sold directly from the website, but also adapted into a multi-level marketing business which would include seminars, workshops and symposiums which would generate very strong returns. Both remain an option and a plan on how to execute both is in place.

I have written and published two books in a three part series, so far this year (2018). They are part of a serial book series under the titles:
(1) Creation Now Growing the God Within part 1
(2) Creation Now Growing the God Within part 2 Intention.

There is a part 3 to the series which is currently in production and will be published early in September 2018 which completed product will also be included.

The series was to originally be the first six months of material (along with additional printed materials and health products) in the subscription services.

The books are all very well written containing effective life enhancing content in relation to assisting individuals in making life-long changes to their current situations. In assisting them in learning and utilizing the process of Creation within their lives, as well as propagating physical and spiritual growth. They are very good reads individually, but were designed to build upon each other in providing the tools and process for increasing individuals knowledge and abilities in creating for themselves the life that they most desire to have.

What is being offered in this sale is the following:

1. Creation Now – Registered Trademark

2. Creation Now, LLC – A Utah based publishing company.

3. A company Logo – Creation Now Globe with all rights to it.

4. The rights to all three books in the Creation Now Growing the God Within series. Some books have been printed and a few have been distributed, but none have as of yet been offered for sale or been distributed on a larger scale.

5. The Web Domain – creationnow.org

6. Original Business plan including marketing information and information for obtaining further printings of material and information on listing items for sale on Amazon.com

The existing material is ready for immediate sales and distribution. Products can be offered for sale immediately and begin to produce immediate financial returns based upon sales of the existing published book series.

The possibilities of what can be done under the trademark Creation Now are limitless.

This will be a very solid investment.

I am asking $2,900,000. ($2.9 Million US) for the purchase outright of all materials and rights of ownership.

I am open to negotiations however and am open to further discussion on anything presented. I would consider producing additional titles in the future that could be included in the Creation Now catalog. I have several others in the works at the moment.

I had intended this to be a business designed to generate income to help finance and adult residential substance abuse treatment center which I am also in the process of establishing. Addiction recovery is my true passion.
I found that this venture, Creation Now, was detracting my time and attention away from the other business and that I was losing focus on my real calling of assisting others in gaining lasting, life-long recovery from mind altering substances. I feel I need to again focus on bringing that intention to the for front of my efforts at this time. This is why I am offering Creation Now for sale at this time. The money generated by this sale will be used for the purpose of providing substance abuse recovery services for those individuals in need of effective substance abuse recovery.

Please contact me if you have an interest. the need is now, in relation to funding the substance abuse center th

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