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  • Registration Number: 4,603,572
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 43
  • Usage Status: In Use


Can you name an instantly recognizable Food Mascot that could help sell all healthy foods?
Well now you can with Chef Mikey (r)(c)

You can now License our trademark and align it with your scientifically supported healthy food.

We are applying for the USDA NIFA SBIR 2018 grant 006365, and are seeking companies that would like to participate. The grant can pay for coupons for your healthy product which we will distribute to schools throughout the US.
Very limited opportunity!

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook “He said the company would consider, if the opportunity arose purchasing intellectual property or technology that could be adapted to the chain’s local global restaurants.” Nation’s Restaurant News, Jonathan Maze, 2017

“Taco Bell aims to improve nutrition by 2020, the chain will offer meal options that meet one third of the US dietary guidelines with the notion that any meal at Taco Bell be one of three consumed in a day.” Nation’s Restaurant News. 4/11/2013

“PepsiCo CEO, Indra K. Nooyi stated in 2013 she wants to improve the healthiness of their portfolio and insisted it is critical to do so for the $65 billion company’s long-term survival.”

Here is how the CHEF MIKEY ® trademark and Chef Mikey © Food Mascot could do this.

Mikey Likes It from Life Cereal has 1,802,503 views on You Tube and we now own the Copyright (and Trademark) to the Food Mascot Chef Mikey Likes it! ©We created a Chef Mikey Likes it! © sticker and it is in use!

*See our test with a child on our website

My research began in 2007, “US companies promise to limit ads to children.”

2017 yahoo reports 200 billion in health-related obesity costs.

2016 The Use of Brand Mascots & Media Characters, “Even an unfamiliar cartoon character may increase children’s appetite and preference for healthy foods compared to not using a cartoon character at all.”

Our Chef Mikey© Food Mascot can help increase the consumption of healthy foods and reduce obesity.

Dr. Brian Wansink, PhD did studies at Cornell Food and Brand Lab and showed when vegetable characters were placed on salad bars at schools it increased the consumption by 239%.

Our Chef Mikey Food Mascot © could be used to identify with any healthy food or ingredient (Dark Chocolate).

Zollipops awarded shark tank deal and we partnered with them to test the model, also we have our own video test on our website.

*CHEF MIKEY ® does not represent a living individual.

Nation’s Restaurant News 10/22/13 “Private equity firms are increasing the pace of investments in better for you food service concepts from a lope to a full-on cantor.

We have 12 letters from Doctors, the Director of the WV USDA, Chefs and the White House in support of our Pharmacist. Also, our poster is displayed at the Culinary Institute of America and we have a letter in support of our concept, and our USDA NIFA SBIR 2016 review stating says;

In 2016 JAMA reported all the hundreds of millions spent towards this has had little effect, more immediate solutions are needed.

As you see in our grant review below Chef Mikey’s Funny With Food Interactive bookmark does that!

“The commercialization application is to develop a CHEF MIKEY ® FUNNY WITH FOOD ® program that could be deployed anywhere across the country.”

“Overall the project is likely feasible, some potential for a marketable item.”

“There is likely to be commercialization potential for the proposed research.”

“Will use the QR reader code on bookmarks to enhance interaction.”

They want us to add a Methodologist to the team. The next application is due Oct. 5 2017.

Phase One is up to 100k, Phase two up to 450K. This is to develop a For-Profit Business.

8/5/14 Doritos Inventor’s Grandson Tim West Sees Dollar Signs in Healthful Food.

Thank you,

Chef Michael

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