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$250,000.00 (Agents Welcomed)

Cell Queue® Pharmaceuticals

  • Registration Number: 5041900
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 005
  • Usage Status: In Use


Cell Queue Pharmaceuticals may someday become a preeminent leader in developing through its unique patented cell technologies new forms of antibiotics to combat the growing list of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria crucial to fighting life-threatening infections.This will become a future major biotech’s valued subsidiary. You can count on that. The word “Queue” in this mark refers to the actual orderly sequential chemical process/reaction in the “AT Queue” biochemical model that accounts for chromosomal banding in the DNA and RNA of the respective bacterium. In this chemical queuing process, research biochemists can change the site where the antibiotic normally works or choose the site where the bacteria can mutate or transfer its genetic material. The AP-1 binding site, also known as the AP-1 promoter site, is a DNA nucleotide sequence in which the AP-1 (Activator Protein-1) is able to bind with the other nucleotides. The AP-1 binding site,in humans,has a nucleotide sequence of TGAGTCA. This sequence varies in disease-resistant bacteria and the aforementioned new drugs developed herein in future years will address these different chemical interstitial points.This is not to say that I am adverse to the research work UC Santa Barbara chemist Iren Chen is conducting regarding bacteriophages. In fact, I wish her and her colleagues great success. I would hope that scientists in her line of work could incorporate my mark when marketing their products. Still, at the present time, up to 90% of the phage genes have yet to be mapped or sequenced! The four nucleotides comprising the “tree of life” essential to all organic matter are: Adenine(A),Thymine(T),Guanine(G)and Cytosine(C).Molecular biologists who are far more intellectually sophisticated than I can use nucleotides that lack a 3-hydroxl (dideoxyribonucleotides) to interrupt the replication of the bacterium DNA. Bacterial DNA is extracted by a rapid method; digested with a restriction endonuclease and the resulting fragments are then separated by a gel electrophoresis to give a characteristic identifiable banding pattern.It now appears that the resistant bacterium gene can spread between different species of bacteria;greatly increasing the possibilities of a world-wide epidemic. This trademark may also someday be instrumental in increasing our scientific knowledge of bacterial nucleotide second-messenger signaling (i.e. “newcomers” such as c-di-AMP and c-AMP-GMP). This is currently one of the most dynamic evolving fields within molecular microbiology. The trademark sales price also includes the transfer of ownership of the domain www.CellQueuePharmaceuticals.com. Feel free to incorporate at a later date. 10% commission given to qualified agents/brokers. In the interim before my eventual sale, I have become a wholesale dealer/distributor of Hydrogen Peroxide. H2O2 among other things, is a proven remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis with an 89% cure rate. Hydrogen Peroxide is important because it keeps the bad bacteria from attaching to the uterine walls and the lactic acid formed from the lactobacillus bacteria is vital because it keeps the pH levels of the uterus too acidic for bad bacteria to live and grow. Prescribed antibiotics by doctors, on the other hand, kill off ALL bacteria; upsetting this delicate balance.I might end up just focusing on the M.tuberculosis bacterium strain.It is the leading cause of death due to bacterial infection worldwide.From what I have gleaned from medical journals so far, CD4T cells and CD8T cells play an important part in developing a future successful vaccine.It is currently estimated that M.tuberculosis is infecting around two billion people worldwide, equivalent to one third of the world population.Some new pharma brand logos with no previous revenue streams have sold for as much as $75 million based on their future tangible “goodwill value.”(Source: Spokesperson for DevicePharm, Irvine, California). Once this brand with its remarkable biochemical insights sinks in en-masse into the collective American psyche, its future “goodwill value” will finally be revealed with ever-increasing revenue streams and new innovative medicines in the succeeding years. Remember, this logo trademarks the biochemical AT Queuing process in the respective bacterium; which represents “ground zero” in attacking the various mutations that the cell could produce (utilizing various enzymes,plasmids,etc.).The emblem/motif for this mark (which will be displayed here eventually) will consist of a blue-colored double-helix turned sideways with the Cell Queue(R) trademark typed below. 5-17-18:I have now begun in earnest personally e-mailing various certain select major pharmaceutical companies and asking their legal and marketing departments if this would fit into their future strategic corporate subsidiary plans.This may take some time; literally years, for them to mull over and fully comprehend its valued substance.

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